Dynaudio First All-In-One Intelligent Wireless Multiroom Audio System Arrives in US

July 11 2018, 02:00
First unveiled at the end of 2017, the new Dynaudio Music family of intelligent wireless speakers automatically adapts to users' music preferences and the listening environment. That shows exactly how Dynaudio leveraged its vast experience in speaker design, manufacturing as well digital signal processing to create a family of products that shows how a speaker can be smart, intelligently benefiting consumers in what truly matters. Now "Music" arrives in the US.
Dynaudio announced the North American release of Dynaudio Music, an intelligent wireless all-in-one music system with multiroom capability that seamlessly adapts both sound and music selection to the user's tastes, home and lifestyle. With its sophisticated Music Now algorithm, the Dynaudio Music system automatically generates personalized playlists and makes them available at the touch of a button. Using intelligent digital signal processing (DSP), the Dynaudio Music systems sense speaker placement and noise within a room and optimizes performance to deliver the best sound possible.

"Our new Dynaudio Music family makes it easy to enjoy the music you love anywhere in your home with uncompromising fidelity," says Dynaudio CEO Andrew Werdean. "Tuned by the same team that develops our money-is-no-object hi-fi speakers and pro studio systems, Dynaudio Music systems boast the quality, innovation and modern Danish design that characterize our renowned hi-fi speaker portfolio."
Dynaudio Music intelligent wireless speakers are available in four models, each of which offers five presets that can be tied to any media accessible via the Dynaudio app: smart Music Now playlists (from multiple user profiles), Internet radio stations, albums, artists and more. The app can also access content from a user's network or directly from Tidal.

Through the free Dynaudio app — available for iOS and Android devices — the sophisticated Music Now algorithm learns the musical tastes of up to five users. By simply pressing a button on the speaker, a user can launch a custom playlist and enjoy the convenience of a personal deejay without the distracting chatter.

Dynaudio's expertise in DSP, gained from researching and developing high-end active speakers, professional studio setups and cutting-edge, in-car hi-fi systems, is to thank for consistently high speaker performance. Built-in RoomAdapt technology senses speaker placement — in a corner, up against a rear wall or in an open space — and optimizes performance, most notably with clean, accurate bass and midrange. Essential musical details are always clear too. Integrated NoiseAdapt technology allows the speaker to deliver music at the right volume and tone, even as the volume of conversation or other noise in the room changes.

All four speakers in the Dynaudio Music family are active, meaning each driver has a dedicated high-performance class-D amplifier specifically tuned to match it. In addition, all four models use Dynaudio's proprietary MSP cone material — incorporated in every product including the range-topping Evidence series — in their woofers and midrange drivers. Their soft-dome tweeters likewise are based on Dynaudio's high-end speakers.

Different models are equipped with slightly different features to help them fit various lifestyles and situations:
• Music 1 is battery- and mains-powered. Its total power is 80W (each driver has its own 40W amplifier), and its battery lasts up to eight hours. It has one 4-inch woofer and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. MSRP is $549.
• Music 3 is battery- and mains-powered. Its total power is 120W (each driver has its own 40W amplifier), and its battery lasts up to eight hours. It has one 5-inch woofer and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters, and it comes with a remote control. MSRP is $699.
• Music 5 is mains-powered. It delivers a total of 250W (each driver has its own 50W amplifier), and it has one 5-inch woofer, two 3-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters. The unit comes with a remote control. MSRP is $849.
• Music 7 is mains-powered, and its total power is 300W (each driver has its own 50W amplifier). It has two 5-inch woofers, two 3-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters, and it comes with a remote control. MSRP is $1,099.

Released in Europe earlier in 2018, the Dynaudio Music family has already earned wide praise from reviewers and industry professionals. In fact, Music 1 already has earned the European Product Design Award, which recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve users' daily lives with practical and beautiful creations designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy.

All the speakers in the Dynaudio Music family can stream via Wi-Fi, aptX Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay (they're also AirPlay 2-ready) and can access DLNA devices on users' home networks. They all have USB inputs for iOS audio and charging iOS devices and can accept 3.5mm analog inputs. The Music 5 and Music 7 units add digital optical inputs to the mix (both support signals up to 24-bit/96kHz), with the Music 7 including an HDMI connector for Audio Return Channel, enabling the models to be employed as a soundbar. Up to six Dynaudio Music speakers can be connected at a time and either arranged into stereo pairs, multiroom groups or controlled individually from the Dynaudio app.

The inspired design of Dynaudio Music speakers comes not only from Danish tradition, but also from origami, traditional Chinese boat sails and even stealth fighter jets. Each model is available in light grey, dark grey, red and blue cloth finishes, custom-made by the acclaimed Danish textile house Gabriel, and each is constructed from high-quality materials — including a one-piece brushed aluminum surround on the Music 5 and Music 7. 

The front grill cloths on the Music 5 and Music 7 are interchangeable, so users can change the look of the speaker system as their tastes evolve. Both the Music 5 and Music 7 can be wall-mounted using an optionally available, dedicated steel wall-bracket.

The entire Dynaudio Music range is available now through authorized Dynaudio dealers in the USA and Canada.
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