Danley Sound Labs Introduces New Versatile Full-Range Compact Loudspeakers

June 19 2019, 00:45
Tom Danley and his team of loudspeakers engineers continue to work hard to innovate even in the most apparently conventional design categories, such as full-range compact loudspeakers. During InfoComm 2019, Danley Sound Labs introduced the new and affordable FLX-12 Full-Range Loudspeaker, a point-source rugged cabinet that can be used pole-mounted, hung from rig points, or lain on its side as a floor monitor. The second product is the small-format but powerful Go2-6CX, which uses a six-inch co-axial driver, creating an extremely versatile solution for integrators.
The Danley Sound Lab demo room at InfoComm 2019 was once again full of new and exciting loudspeaker designs.

Danley Sound Labs is a manufacturer of unique patented loudspeaker technologies that artfully side-step the constraints and trade-offs of conventional designs. During InfoComm 2019, the company lead by Tom Danley proved once more how that philosophy continues to pay off, with the introduction of its new FLX-Series of flexible loudspeakers. 

The Danley FLX-12 is the first member of the series and delivers Danley’s legendary point-source sound quality in a rugged cabinet that can be flexibly deployed: pole-mounted, hung from rig points, or lain on its side as a floor monitor. With 94dB sensitivity, a phase-coherent frequency response from 75Hz to 21kHz (+/- 3dB), multi-band Sentinel burn out protection, and 118dB continuous and 124dB peak output, the FLX-12 is at home in any small- to medium-sized sound reinforcement application.

“The new Danley FLX is designed by Tom Danley and his team of engineers for customers who need extreme flexibility and Danley fidelity at a cost-effective price point,” says JP Parker, director of global sales at Danley Sound Labs. “The FLX stands for flexibility without sacrificing Danley’s legendary performance.”
The new Danley Go2-6CX compact coaxial design (left) and the new FLX-12 Full-Range, shown pole-mounted and used as a floor monitor.

And ever responsive to the nuanced needs of integrators and other audio professionals, Danley Sound Labs also introduced the Danley Go2-6CX small-format loudspeaker. The Go2-6CX uses a six-inch co-axial driver fit snugly into an extremely compact Baltic birch cabinet. Despite its small size, the Go2-6CX is capable of delivering 109dB continuous and 115dB peak with Danley’s characteristic phase coherence and smooth frequency response (95Hz to 23kHz, +/- 6dB).

“The Danley Go2-6CX joins its larger sibling, the Go2-8CX, as the second member of the Go2 Series,” adds JP Parker. “This new member of the team bridges the gap between the Go2-8CX and our popular Danley Nano. It’s rather interesting that Danley can deliver crystal-clear performance in both the large-format Jericho line and the tiny Go2 series. It’s the Danley philosophy to create speakers for virtually every situation. The Go2 line will be useful in situations where both small size and crystal-clear sound reproduction are paramount.”

The new FLX-12 and Go2-6CX loudspeakers begin shipping in June 2019.
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