Danley Introduces the Small Stature, Big Sound J7-95 Jericho Horn at Infocomm 2019

June 14 2019, 00:15
Since Danley Sound Labs first introduced the series nearly ten years ago, its point-source Jericho Horns have been displacing line arrays in massive sports stadiums, high-volume music venues, outdoor video installations, and even houses of worship. The reason is, Jericho Horns have the muscle to deliver line array volumes but with vastly better pattern control, excellent phase coherence, and absolutely no comb filtering nastiness. 

Now Danley Labs introduced the J7-95 Jericho Horn, which has the smallest footprint in the series: only three feet tall and 265 pounds. Nevertheless, the J7-95’s tremendous output leaves no doubt that it is deserving of the Jericho Horn name.

Like all Jericho Horns, the J7-95 uses Tom Danley’s patented Synergy Horn Technology, this time merging the output of twelve of the eighteen drivers through a fifth generation combiner to deliver near-perfect magnitude and phase response. 

The first eight Danley J7-95 Jericho Horns to roll out of Danley’s USA-manufacturing site are already working to deliver sound for the 14,000 people who fill the lawn at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre near St. Louis. “The small footprint and big sound of the J7 make it the closest thing to a ‘utility’ Jericho Horn that Danley has ever made,” says Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs. “The potential applications are diverse, and we encourage everyone to stop by the Danley booth at InfoComm to learn more.”
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