d&b audiotechnik Joins AVnu Alliance

July 19 2016, 04:00
d&b audiotechnik Joins AVnu Alliance
d&b audiotechnik Joins AVnu Alliance
German loudspeaker systems manufacturer, d&b audiotechnik, has announced it has joined the AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium that fosters the adoption of AVB/TSN (Audio Video Bridging/Time Sensitive Networking) protocols and an open ecosystem of certified products. The announcement comes in the wake of a strong momentum for AVB/TSN IEEE 802.1 standards at the recent InfoComm 2016 show.

According to d&b product manager Vicent Perales, the move is a logical step for the company. “d&b is known to be a supporter of open standards, such as OCA (Open Control Architecture, recently ratified by the Audio Engineering Society as AES70),” he commented. “Joining the AVnu Alliance and supporting AVB/TSN as open audio transport protocols is another good fit for us.”

AVB/TSN is a set of open standards developed by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and represents an evolution of standard Ethernet to support production quality audio and video, and control data. AVB/TSN provides major performance and reliability improvements while enabling a healthy, multi-vendor ecosystem.

“Besides offering interconnectivity solutions for other relevant audio networking protocols, such as Dante, we constantly strive to drive technology forward within our industry, and for this reason we have committed to support AVB/TSN by joining the AVnu Alliance as a Promoter member”, continued Perales.

Gary Stuebing, AVnu Alliance President, is delighted to welcome d&b to the consortium. “d&b has earned its reputation as one of the world’s top high end PA suppliers thanks to the consistently high quality of their products and their perpetual desire to innovate. The company’s decision to join the AVnu Alliance alongside similarly high-caliber pro audio companies is proof-positive of d&b’s forward thinking philosophy. The move further ratifies AVnu’s position at the vanguard of interoperable, open standards-based networking technology.” 

The announcement comes short after d&b audiotechnik announcements at InfoComm 2016, were the company was focused on system integration and network technology. After the successful launch of its 10D and 30D installation amplifiers in 2015, d&b has introduced its own network products, featuring extensive integration options with other manufacturer´s control systems. 

Released earlier this year, the DS10 Audio network bridge is the first d&b device to be positioned before the amplifiers in the signal chain. Designed specifically for d&b amplifiers, each 1 RU device can deliver up to sixteen Dante network channels via AES3 digital signal outputs, as well as provide an integrated 5-port switch, offering a primary and redundant network for the Dante protocol, as well as advanced functions such as Multicast Filtering and VLAN modes.

Also introduced at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas, was d&b system integration strategy into interoperability and control systems and solutions such as QSC Q-SYS, Beckhoff and others.
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