Riedel Joins RAVENNA and Accelerates Efforts to Provide AES67 Interoperability

February 3 2015, 05:00
Riedel Communications, one of the world’s premier suppliers of real-time communications networks for applications ranging from broadcast to security, has announced its support for RAVENNA and the AES67 standard by partnering with RAVENNA technology developers, ALC NetworX, the Munich-based company which has developed the RAVENNA technology platform.

The partnership will accelerate Riedel’s efforts to provide RAVENNA-based AES67 interoperability capabilities for their networked Tango TNG-200 networked platform for signal distribution and communications applications platform, thus reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing standards-based solutions. 

The Tango TNG-200 represents Riedel's first network-based platform with support for the AES67/RAVENNA and AVB standards. With its own dedicated intercom application, the platform can be turned into a flexible, cutting-edge solution for a variety of communications scenarios. Intuitive front-panel controls and a high-resolution, full-color TFT display simplify the recall of presets and adjustment of audio levels. Along with powerful processing capabilities, the Tango TNG-200 features two integrated Riedel digital partylines, two AES67- and AVB-compatible ports, two Ethernet ports, one option slot, and redundant power supplies. The dedicated intercom application, “My First Riedel,” turns the Tango platform into an efficient intercom system that users can tailor according to their needs. The asymmetric 40 x 80 matrix size is another Riedel innovation, allowing for standard premium-quality stereo audio connections to panels.

“We are delighted to be joining other premier technology suppliers in the RAVENNA partnership community,” said Thomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel Communications. “As a stand-alone technology, the RAVENNA framework provides an efficient and flexible solution for audio over IP transport. Its full AES67 compliance is an important fact for us and our customers. Riedel has always been dedicated to facilitating versatile and reliable workflows that meet our customers’ unique requirements. By extending our products’ format support to include RAVENNA and thus AES67, we take a key step forward in delivering the many benefits of standards-based communications and signal-transport solutions.”

Commenting on Riedel’s decision to become a RAVENNA partner, Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager at ALC NetworX, says “Riedel is unquestionably one of the world’s premier companies providing communication and media data distribution solutions. Adding RAVENNA networking capabilities to their product portfolio is clearly an indicator for the coalescence of the professional broadcast market and the communication systems world. It widens the application range for RAVENNA-enabled systems by offering direct IP-based signal interchange between a broad range of professional audio products from a diversity of manufacturers. In addition, I expect the comprehensive experience of the Riedel team to be a highly valued addition to the RAVENNA partner community.”

The AES67 standard was published by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) to enable the high-performance streaming of audio-over-IP. RAVENNA is an open-standard technology that offers AES67 as one of many operational profiles. RAVENNA technology uses well-established standards and protocols to address interoperability with respect to synchronization, media clock identification, network transport, encoding and streaming, session description, and connection management. The performance and capacity of AES67/RAVENNA implementations scale with the capabilities of the underlying network architecture.

Current RAVENNA partner companies include AEQ, AETA, Archwave, ARG, arkona, Axia, Calrec, Cordial, Digigram, Dimetis, DirectOut, DSA Volgmann, GatesAir, Genelec, Infomedia, Jutel, Lawo, Linear Acoustic, LSB, Meinberg, Merging, MTS, Neumann, Omicron Lab, Orban, Omnia, Qbit, Schoeps, SCISYS, Sennheiser, Sonifex, Sound4, Telos and WorldCast Systems.
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