Crest Audio Launches PB-32 Soundgrid-to-Dante Bridge for Fully Digital Desk-To-Loudspeaker PA Solution

August 10 2018, 01:00
Crest Audio, part of Peavey Commercial Audio, has announced the PB-32 SoundGrid-to-Dante network bridge that provides the connection between Crest Audio’s flagship Tactus digital mixing system and the new powered Versarray Pro line array system. The PB-32 will enable the audio signal to remain in the digital domain from the desk to the Dante-enabled Versarray Pro PA system. It may also be deployed by any other audio systems utilizing the Dante audio networking protocol, thereby also offering compliance with the AES67 interoperability standard.

Housed in a rugged, 1U half-rack chassis, the PB-32 provides up to 16 channels of bi-directional audio to be transmitted and received by each network (SoundGrid and Dante) via interchangeable 16x16 networking modules. The unit is shipped with one Dante and one SoundGrid module as standard but may be loaded with two Dante cards to link separate Dante systems with different clock sources. The device benefits from high quality full asynchronous sample-rate conversion on all channels to keep clocking simple and straightforward, and a PoE network source selector switch for when PoE is available.

According to PCA’s general manager, Kevin Ivey, the PB-32 is an essential piece of equipment for all Tactus users. “Our Tactus digital mixing system is an exceptionally powerful and flexible platform, thanks in large part to our decision to integrate the capabilities of the Waves LV-1 software. By default, this means that all internal digital signal flow is handled by the Waves SoundGrid protocol which is prevalent in the live markets. A bridge from SoundGrid to the far more widely adapted Dante protocol, already integrated in so many of our other audio systems, was therefore essential in order to fully optimize Tactus’ performance and interoperability into the PA system and back of house fixed installation domains. This also allows direct integration of the Tactus Digital Mixing System with our MediaMatrix technology, giving designers and integrators the best of both worlds for fixed theatre, live venue, themed entertainment and house of worship applications.”

Fitted with robust XLRnet RJ45 connectors and easily visible status LEDs, the PB-32 is designed to withstand the day-to-day demands of live sound applications and high-traffic installations such as club, live venues and houses of worship and beyond.
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