Consumer Headphones and Bluetooth Are Infiltrating Everyday Office Life says SAR Insight & Consulting

July 31 2020, 00:55
The coronavirus pandemic created a cultural shift in enterprise headset use, particularly in the office, as workers chose their own equipment and incorporated Bluetooth connectivity into their routine, according to the latest report by SAR Insight & Consulting. Research by the market analyst firm found that the lockdown that most countries implemented following the pandemic had other unforeseen knock-on effects.
UC Headsets targeting office use are now being promoted for remote work, while many users are finding out that Bluetooth gaming headsets can work fine for their communication needs from home. EPOS is a new player betting on that convergence.
“While there are still drivers for growth in the enterprise headset market, we are seeing noticeable changes as products designed for private use are making their way into the work environment,” the report’s author Joe Murray says.

“With more people working from home, and companies shifting to virtual meetings rather than face to face, the need for high quality enterprise headsets has never been greater. Furthermore, the unit costs are dropping as the components become cheaper. However, many people now own a pair of very good quality headphones that can compete with enterprise headsets (albeit at a much lower level) when used in a small office environment.”

The report also adds that Bluetooth is being used in favor of DECT in many cases, especially as people were turning to software such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. This trend is predicted to continue as more people work from home, and workers are encouraged to avoid sharing equipment.

"Enterprise Headsets: market growth, trends, ecosystem, and competitive analysis" from SAR Insight & Consulting examines the market for enterprise headsets in detail, including the different market segments (office, call center, aviation and broadcast), the key companies, technological developments, and the incorporation of voice assistants.

The report also forecasts enterprise headset use to 2025, including the impact that consumer headset use will have on enterprise headset sales.

For further information the new report, please contact Peter Cooney, Principal Analyst & Director, SAR Insight & Consulting.
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