Comply Foam Earphone Tips Exhibits at CES for 10th Consecutive Year

December 26 2017, 03:00
Hearing Components, the manufacturers of Comply Foam earphone tips (, will once again be exhibiting an array of its high-quality ear tips at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 9-12, 2018. This exciting event marks Comply's 10th consecutive appearance at CES and presents a unique opportunity for the brand to connect in person with distributors, resellers and OEM partners alike.

As one of the largest annual technology conferences for the consumer electronics industry, CES showcases cutting-edge hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more each year from over 3,900 manufacturers, developers and suppliers. In fact, over 170,000 attendees from countries spanning the globe are expected to attend this prestigious event in 2018.

Some of the most reputable audio equipment brands in the industry utilize Comply Foam tips for their earbud products, including B&O, Jaybird, Klipsch, RHA, Sennheiser and more. Considering the wide range of quality earbud tips on the market, some wonder why so many of the world's leading manufacturers invest specifically in Comply Foam. Due to their incredible viscoelastic memory foam technology, Comply tips shape themselves to the user's unique ear size and shape as it reacts to movement and changes in temperature, creating a custom fit that offers peerless comfort and performance. The foam utilized by Comply tips is 30x softer, 10x thicker and offers 100% better grip than standard silicone eartips, fostering superior listening experiences through exceptional sound isolation, softness and in-ear retention.

Thanks to the tireless dedication of the Comply team, its products are currently available in retail shops spanning 40 countries around the globe. Comply eartips are available in both big box retailers and specialty audio shops through the brand's SmartCore and specialty lines, respectively. Comply's patented SmartCore product line plays a pivotal role in expanding the retail aspect of the business due to its compatibility with many in-ear earbud models, creating an easy grab-and-go option for most customers. Pair this accessibility with their proven reputation as a premium accessory in the audio industry, and it's no surprise why consumers around the world invest in Comply Foam tips to unleash the full potential of their audio.

Hearing Components, Inc. will be showcasing its revolutionary Comply Foam products at CES through a number of attending OEM brand partners. Due to the loud, high-energy nature of the CES show floors, attendees will be given an opportunity to experience the phenomenal external noise reduction of Comply tips firsthand. The Comply team is thrilled to personally meet with its attending distributors, resellers and OEM partners and connect with new potential business partners.

CES attendees interested in experiencing the sound and feel of Comply Foam tips can also visit one of the following brand partners at their CES booth locations:

Audio Technica - LVCC, South Hall 1 - 20854
B&O - Venetian, Lvl 2 - Bellini 2103
Bragi - Venetian Tower - Suite 30-228
Echobox - LVCC, South Hall 1 - 20842
Jabra - LVCC, South Hall 3 - 30712
Jaybird - Venetian, Lvl 2 - Veronese 2501B
Klipsch - LVCC, Central Hall - 13529
MEE Audio - LVCC, South Hall 1 - 20661
OnVocal - Venetian Tower - Suite 29-122
Optoma Technology - Westgate Hospitality Suite 2907
RHA - Venetian Tower - Suite 29-128
Sennheiser - LVCC, South Hall 1 - 20606
The Comply team also welcomes any CES attendees to join them at Venetian Exhibit Suite #29-131!
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