CODA Audio Introduces N-APS Loudspeaker System at InfoComm 2019

June 24 2019, 05:55
CODA Audio had a busy demo room all through the InfoComm 2019, with continuous presentations of the many sound reinforcement solutions from the German brand for the professional audio market, and particularly for the US market. The company reported an excellent reception for the patented APS technology, implemented in CODA's new N-APS loudspeaker system, which was the main focus for the Orlando show, reinforced by the N-SUB compact subwoofer.

Created to be a problem solver for sound designers, the N-APS is an ultra-compact 2 x 6.5”, two-way loudspeaker that combines the versatility of a point source with the perfect arrayability of a line array, creating a unique category of sound reinforcement system for small to medium size venues. Featuring the latest in driver and system design technology from CODA Audio and BMS, the N-APS speaker delivers a superior power handling and significantly more low-end compared to other full-range compact systems.

The N-APS system benefits from CODA Audio's newly patented technologies, such as the RDC Driver (Ring Diaphragm curved-wave-driver), Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) system and the Instafit Magnetic Coupler, resulting in a groundbreaking compact speaker. As it was noticeable from the demonstrations during InfoComm, the N-APS is a system able to deliver a large dynamic range and impressive fidelity, combined with variable horizontal directivity, which provides additional flexibility.

Each N-APS speaker, when positioned as an array element, allows horizontal dispersion options of 60°, 90°, and 120°, including asymmetrical configurations. The N-APS Coupler solves the common problem of summing the energy from all transducers, allowing the system to perform as a single source, creating a perfectly coherent wavefront, while also determining the frequency response in the horizontal axis.

As CODA explained, while many of today's loudspeakers feature a linear frequency response, very few benefit from being phase-linear. The N-APS design allows for simple phase-compatibility between other CODA products, providing a consistent frequency response used on its own or in arrays. And the asymmetrical horizontal coverage means that the design can be configured easily with the Instafit Magnetic Coupler allowing for perfect and simple configuration of the required dispersion characteristics, with no tools required.

Given the immense amount of power integrated into the compact enclosure required a new enclosure design and a new thermal concept. As CODA claims, the Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) technology dramatically improves heat dissipation, doubling the power handling and the maximum SPL capability compared to a conventionally cooled system. The N-APS front baffle and vents are made from aluminum with all drivers mounted into it. The aluminum vents are optimized to maximize airflow increasing the thermal capacity of the system. Applying more power increases the airflow in the vents conducting more heat away from the drivers and distributing that heat outside the enclosure.

At the heart of N-APS is also the unique RDC (Ring Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver), similar to CODA’s planar wave driver, but with a bit of a twist, in that the wavefront is curved at 20°. This ultimately means there is very little distortion and no reshaping required, so it offers extraordinary sonic precision. As a result, when you put more N-APS units together, they perform as one single cabinet, with no interference whatsoever. Four aluminum shorting rings reduce induction variation, minimizing intermodulation distortion whilst reducing thermal compression in the low frequency drivers. This design also dramatically reduces IM distortion and improves the overall sound quality and performance.

The N-APS loudspeaker system is complemented with the N-SUB, a compact 15” high output subwoofer, weighing in at 28 kg. With a power handling of 1500 W and a maximum SPL of 139 dB (peak), the subwoofer is able to reach as low as 30 Hz using a long excursion, ultra low distortion driver with a 4-inch voice coil. And like CODA’s N-APS, the N-SUB benefits from Dynamic Airflow Cooling to hit very high SPLs while staying completely cool and avoiding compressed and distorted audio. When paired with N-APS, the N-SUB expands the configuration to whole new levels of dynamics and, as with all CODA boxes, the subwoofer also features an integrated one-pin rigging system for flyable or ground stackable sub arrays.

All the systems are powered by CODA's LINUS processing and amplification products, designed to control all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems, as an integrated solution for DSP control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostics, including factory presets based on FIR and IIR filtering for all CODA Audio loudspeaker systems. The digital audio distribution via LiNET transmits up to eight digital audio signals over standard CAT5 cable, while the graphical user interface offers flexible system design, tuning and monitoring.
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