Chirp and Linkplay Partner To Create Audio-Based Connectivity Solutions for Consumer Products

October 3 2019, 01:30
Combining the capabilities of embedded data-over-sound with Wi-Fi audio technology, Chirp and Linkplay Technology have delivered a software-defined connectivity solution which removes any device set up, pairing or configuration requirements. Leveraging Chirp’s ultrasonic audio protocol, smart-enabled devices integrated with Linkplay’s Wi-Fi Audio modules enables seamless, secure network provisioning for consumer applications in close proximity, without the need for additional hardware.

Chirp’s ultrasonic machine-to-machine communications software enables any device with a loudspeaker or microphone to exchange data via inaudible sound waves. Working like an audio QR code, the technology sends data seamlessly over sound waves to enhance end-user experiences and add value to existing hardware. As a leader in integrated Wi-Fi audio technology, Linkplay works closely with device owners to integrate cost effective, smart solutions into audio-enabled devices and create compelling user experiences at scale. 

Chirp’s data-over-sound technology will encode credentials into an inaudible tone, which is then transmitted to a microphone or speaker already built in to a smart-enabled device. This data is then received over audio and the device is connected to a network, enabling frictionless user experiences at scale across a range of modern CE applications. Integrating Chirp’s SDK into Linkplay’s Wi-Fi Audio modules will add further connectivity capabilities to a range of audio-enabled consumer hardware, such as smart speakers, TVs and home control systems. Removing the need for additional hardware, the partnership delivers a robust and cost-effective provisioning solution for third party OEMs without additions to their bill of materials.

“Chirp’s software-defined data-over-sound offering presents an extremely novel approach to provisioning smart-enabled devices. Delivering cost-effective device-to-device connectivity at scale remains an inherent challenge for many CE device manufacturers today. Combining the power of data-over-sound with our portfolio of WiFi audio solutions, we can provide a scalable turnkey solution which eliminates device provisioning challenges to not only enrich the user experience, but support manufacturers with the continued development of their audio products.” comments Lifeng Zhao, CEO of Linkplay.

“Audio continues its prevalence as a highly advantageous form of connectivity within the smart device landscape," says James Nesfield, CEO of Chirp. “Partnering with Linkplay to introduce the capabilities of data-over-sound across a vast range of audio-enabled devices further establishes the technology's position as a vehicle for enhanced connectivity between modern consumer applications. We look forward to seeing the value that our technical partnership delivers for Linkplay customers when advancing the connectivity of modern devices and ultimately, elevating the end-user experience.” 

A video demonstration can be found here.
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