Channel Vision Releases Instinctive Noise Masking Audio Amplifier

September 13 2019, 00:05
Channel Vision announced the release of their new Instinctive Noise Masking Audio Amplifier to the professional installation marketplace. Unveiled at CEDIA 2019, the Channel Vision Noise Masking Audio Amplifier is a unique all in one custom product for the hospitality, apartment/MDU community, residence with traffic noise, and loud office environments.

“The release of our new IMA, Instinctive Noise Masking Audio Amplifier creates a soothing lifestyle enhancing environment for our increasingly crowded urban lives,” the company states. “IMA, features six (6), audio tracks including birds singing to wake you up, waves on the beach to encourage sleep, and noise masking White, Brown and Pink noise generators that will “mask” the traffic, loud neighbor, or noisy office conversations.“

Channel Vision’s IMA is built around the company’s award winning 100-watt one-gang box amplifier and includes keypad buttons for volume, sound track, fixed or variable instinctive audio levels, music or noise source selection, timeout feature from 20 minutes up to 2 hours or continuous 24 hour sound masking generation. Additionally, IMA features IR learning intelligence built in allowing any remote to program IR codes to control the IMA functions. 

“Instinctive audio” is Channel Vision’s proprietary comparative program that intelligently listens and measures background noise and will increase or decrease the volume based on the ambient noise.

Furthermore, IMA has a full set of features and can be set up as a single zone system or a complete multi-zone distributed audio system for a home, hotel or office. Integration with existing systems is straightforward using the Cat-5 audio input allowing you to integrate with the Crescendo audio product line, including the full line of cascading amplifiers, multi-source matrix and 1 to unlimited zone system. Also, an RCA output is available for 3rd party audio systems.

Channel Vision is a manufacturer of technology products for the connected home, designed to provide lifestyle enhancements for residents, while equipping businesses and homes for greater safety, convenience and entertainment.

Channel Vision’s A0357 Instinctive Masking Amplifier will be available December 2019 from Channel Vision’s network of distributors, dealers and installers throughout the world.
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