Brüel & Kjær Introduces New B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter

April 2 2019, 01:10
Sound and vibration specialist Brüel & Kjær has released the new B&K 2245 class 1 sound level meter, providing a complete solution for basic noise measurements, while combining functionality, ease-of-use and versatility. The latest in Brüel & Kjær’s range of iconic sound level meters was designed to instill confidence in professionals whose work involves noise measurement tasks, providing the reliability associated with the brand, while offering the flexibility to work in combination with dedicated mobile apps.

“For many sound level meter users, noise measurements are, although unavoidable, not necessarily something that they do every day. Our goal was to provide an intuitive solution that allows users to approach noise measurement tasks without any hint of trepidation – just get the job done and move on to the next assignment,” explains Michael Whiteman, Brüel & Kjær Product Manager.

The result is a product designed to simplify noise measurement and analysis – a complete, easy-to-use package that can be used as a stand-alone noise measurement device, or with a range of user-friendly mobile apps, each tailored to assist a specific job-to-do, including environmental noise measurement, exhaust noise level testing and workplace noise. Connecting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy with the mobile device running the apps, the B&K 2245 provides the exact parameters and functionality needed, bringing an entirely new level of efficiency and control to noise measurements. Each device can be licensed to more than one app, so switching tasks is as easy as switching apps.

The B&K 2245 comes with the Noise Partner app pre-installed, which can be used with minimal training and is perfect for simple broadband measurements, general-purpose sound pressure level measurements, and basic occupational, product and environmental noise measurements. This app is able to check SPL levels compliance and perform broadband measurements requiring IEC 61672, ANSI/ASA S1.4 or DIN 45657-compliant instrumentation. The app can also be used to ensure compliance with working environment standards, for listing LAeq and LCpeak in order to minimize the risk of hearing loss.

Once the accompanying Noise Partner app is downloaded to an iOS device from the App Store, all Noise Partner capabilities can be wirelessly controlled from that phone. Via the app interface, pictures, text and voice notes, and videos can be embedded with the measurements. The app on the mobile device can be operated away from the sound field allowing the sound level meter to be fully controlled from a more convenient location.

There is also the Noise Partner PC software that can be downloaded and installed, allowing measurement data to be transferred to a PC, wirelessly or with the supplied USB cable. The software is preconfigured with the tools needed for storing, reviewing and reporting the measurements.

Additional dedicated apps include the Exhaust Noise Partner – to check exhaust noise levels for compliance with regulations; Enviro Noise Partner – to evaluate environmental noise compliance with standards; and Work Noise Partner – to evaluate workplace noise compliance with regulations and safeguard employee safety, including determining the need and level for hearing protection.

In terms of design, the B&K 2245’s robust rubberized body provides a safe and secure grip, makes it dust and water resistant to IP55 and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A bright color LCD display shows the most-important information, with a clear indication of measurement status visible from any angle. In addition, the well-defined user interface makes it easy to use.

In terms of specifications, the new B&K 2245 sound level meter is able to perform single measurements within 15.2 to 140 dB from typical noise floor to maximum level, A-weighted. It features integrated GPS for time and location data, 16 GB of built-in storage for measurements and annotations, and a weather-proof USB-C connector for charging, data transfer to PC and more.

To keep the sound level meter ready to use and protect measurement data, there is an optional smart docking station. The docking station is a high-speed charger that can transfer data stored on the sound level meter to a network, boosting ease of use and peace of mind. The 2245 uses a built-in Li-Ion battery, typically providing more than 14 hours operation with Wi-Fi enabled.

Michael Whiteman believes that B&K 2245 will alleviate many user concerns. “We spoke to a number of non-expert users, and simplicity and ease of use are key. Infrequent use means people won’t remember confusing options, complicated settings or sometimes even the procedure for certain noise measurement tasks. They want a sound level meter that is purpose-built for their needs and that helps them work efficiently and more professionally. I am convinced that accurate noise measurement, analysis and documentation have never been so simple.”

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