Bragi Announces Sound Amplification and Hearing Enhancement Collaboration Project with Mimi Hearing Technologies

January 8 2018, 02:00
Bragi, makers of The Dash Pro and The Headphone have announced Project Ears, a special collaboration with Mimi Hearing Technologies to develop sound amplification and hearing enhancement solutions throughout 2018. Project Ears is already in development and will focus on Personal Sound Amplification Systems (PSAP) that deliver the same design and feel of The Dash to enhanced hearing. In addition to sound amplification, Project Ears will examine the possibilities of hearing enhancement in a multitude of different settings including the home, office, jobsite and even outdoor sport environments.

“When we introduced The Dash in 2015, one of the unexpected pieces of feedback was a group of consumers using the device’s internal storage to treat tinnitus through white noise,” says Bragi Founder & CEO Nikolaj Hviid. “This led us down the path to review and develop capabilities of our in-ear computing technologies to potentially offer hearing enhancement services.”

One of Project Ears immediate development successes is the integration of a pure tone threshold test (a hearing test) that users can take on-board to create their unique Earprint. By combining this with Mimi’s personalization technology, the hearing device will automatically configure and program itself to the individual without the assistance of a smartphone or manual programing to deliver the best sound enhancement, tailored specifically to their personal Earprint.

Currently, Project Ears is an open-ended possibility with potential use cases that could range from and are not limited to, protecting a user’s ears from dangerously loud noise and utilizing state of the art hearing technologies that amplify surroundings selectively and intelligently. Bragi and Mimi Hearing Technologies are also looking forward to introducing Mimi’s personalization software to The Dash Series to deliver the ultimate music experience to users.

Based in Germany, Mimi Hearing Technologies is a leading expert company on sound personalization and creators of the Mimi Hearing Test App, one of the most advanced hearing tests on the market and a certified medical product in Europe. Having tested over one-million ears to date, Mimi defines the future of hearing and sound, pioneering cutting-edge technologies and developing the global standard in sound personalization.
“We are delighted to welcome Bragi as a new Mimi partner,” says Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director for Mimi Hearing Technologies. “With its first products, Bragi has already caused quite a stir in the music and audio markets. Without a doubt, the integration of Mimi’s unique sound personalization technology into Bragi’s innovative audio concept opens up a new dimension to the users’ listening and hearing experience.”

During CES 2018, Bragi will also be showcasing the latest version of Bragi OS (BOS 3.1), which allows The Dash series to serve as smart devices that integrate voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, real-time translation through iTranslate and touch gestures like MyTap, which literally and figuratively allows users to turn their body into the device with a tap of the cheek or a nod of the head.

Thanks to Audio Analytic’s ai3 sound recognition software, The Bragi Dash Pro will be able to intelligently recognize when a conversation is underway and respond by automatically altering the volume and adjusting the external sound transparency. Through a new partnership with Chipolo, The Dash Series will soon be equipped with the company’s Bluetooth tracking technology to reduce the likelihood of losing or misplacing the device. The agreement allows Bragi customers to tap into Chipolo’s community search when their hearables go missing. These two technologies will be implemented in a future Bragi OS software update.

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