Mimi Hearing Technologies Announces Mimi Defined Customization for Bragi Dash Pro

July 16 2018, 01:05
Mimi Hearing Technologies announced Mimi Defined, the latest generation of sound optimization technology from the Berlin company, which for now will be used in devices from Bragi, the true wireless intelligent earphone manufacturer and hearables pioneer. With this collaboration, Bragi Dash Pro users can create a personal hearing profile and customize sound to their individual needs, which is stored and activated directly on the devices.

Announced in January 2018, the first collaboration between Mimi Hearing Technologies and Bragi aimed at creating intelligent hearing enhancement and tinnitus relief solutions, following the partnership with beyerdynamic on the Aventho range of headphones and in-ears. While collaboration on other fronts continues, Bragi will now release an update for its Dash Pro, allowing users to customize the sound to their personal hearing directly on the devices. At the heart of Mimi Defined is a patented algorithm that creates a personalized listening profile for the user, creating an audibly better and clearer musical experience.

Mimi Defined is the result of ongoing hearing research from Mimi Hearing Technologies. A six-minute hearing test is used to analyze the user's individual hearing, particularly the losses in high frequencies in each ear. The created hearing profile is then saved on the Dash Pro and Mimi Defined continues to optimize the sound based on the unique hearing ability of the user. Until now, Mimi offered a similar experience on its Mimi Hearing Test and Mimi Music apps available for iOS and Android, but which cannot be optimized for the specific devices, as the company does with beyerdynamic and now Bragi.

On the Dash Pro, Mimi Defined is now being used for the first time in Truly Wireless Earphones, allowing Mimi Defined to continuously analyze the audio material in real time and adapt it to the user's individual hearing. "Mimi Defined in the Dash Pro means the most advanced sound personalization combined with one of the best hearables on the market. We are very proud that, in addition to the beyerdynamic Bluetooth headphones, we are now also making the Dash Pro a personalizable and individual product," says Dr. Ing. Henrik Matthies, co-founder and managing director of Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH.

"Collaboration with Bragi and other innovative partners enables us to bring the transformative technology of Mimi Defined to the masses. Already at this year's IFA we will present further exciting new partnerships in different product categories," he adds.

Mimi Hearing Technologies was founded in Berlin in 2014 by Philipp Skribanowitz, Nick Clark, Pascal Werner and Henrik Matthies. Mimi's technology was developed and validated by a team of specialists in close collaboration with the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the largest university hospital in Europe. The Mimi apps are considered medical devices in Europe (CE, class 1) and allowed the company to collect more than 1.5 million hearing profiles from 150 countries, the largest digital database on human hearing. This database enables Mimi Defined to optimize the individual listening experience for everyone - despite the imperfections of the human ear.
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