Bragi Offers New Technology Suite and Reference Design for Consumer and Professional Hearables

February 26 2019, 00:35
Bragi, the company which can rightfully claim to be the creators of the world’s first Hearable, is unveiling the next-generation of its technology suite and is to introduce it at MWC 2019. As previously announced, Bragi is now developing ultra-efficient artificial intelligence and edge computing technologies for ultra-low power devices that intends to make available to other manufacturers. At MWC 2019, the German company will disclose details of the new platform as a reference design for professional Hearables.

The suite, consisting of nanoSYSTEMS, a sensor-rich hardware platform optimally designed for low-powered edge computing devices, nanoOS, Bragi’s proprietary, hardware-agnostic and modular OS, and nanoAI, Bragi’s machine learning based sensor fusion technology for embedded systems, will be available in Q2 of 2019. Based on this technology suite, Bragi offers both custom designed product solutions and ready-to-produce reference designs for actual hearables.

The upgraded platform enables new applications and features like context-aware audio instructions and guidance, fall detection and emergency alert, contextual audio transparency and group communication, all with an easy user interface based on the traditional touch or button interface, or more innovative AI powered interaction methods like head gestures, wake words and cheek touch.
Multiple microphones arrays provide state-of-the-art audio processing for hearing augmentation, voice control with wake-words and enhanced speech clarity during telephony. The technology suite also facilitates collaborative computing and supports various communications standards.

Bragi’s reference design for true wireless hearable solutions will be commercially available in Q2 of 2019, supporting not only typical consumer applications like entertainment, sports and gaming, but also offering the potential for top and bottom-line benefits to organizations in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, public safety, healthcare and transportation.
The aforementioned technology suite offer falls into the solutions business announced at MWC 2018, which has since then expanded with new partnerships and associations.
In the quest of further developing the business unit, Bragi has joined forces with Quuppa, a leading company in indoor tracking technology, to become an AI System Integrator that will bring artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to the location system. This cooperation will drive the use cases to scale. “Quuppa is looking forward to partnering with Bragi and we are excited about the use cases our two companies can enable when combining high accurate real-time positioning and contextual intelligence,” says Kimmo Kalliola, Quuppa CEO and co-founder.
To continue enabling Bragi’s hardware and software solutions, the company has also partnered up with Syntiant, a semiconductor company from California and fellow campaigner in the pursue of moving AI and ML from cloud to edge devices. Syntiant specializes in ultra-low-power, high performance, deep neural network processors for edge computing, and with the combination of Bragi technology, the time to market and the cost of the solutions will reduce.

“We are pleased to be working with the Bragi team in addressing the market opportunity in the global hearables segment,” says Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. “Bragi’s NanoAI vision of bringing deep learning to the edge is well aligned with Syntiant’s technology of enabling ultra-low-power always-on intelligent devices without cloud constraints.”
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