Bragi and Cotron Announce Cooperation to Deliver Smart Audio Product ODM Solutions

May 27 2020, 00:25
Bragi and Cotron are taking hearables to the next level by combining Bragi's Software Suite with Cotron's development capabilities and ODM factory, creating an efficient end-to-end solution for audio brands. As Bragi continues to expand on its licensing efforts, the Taiwan-based ODM solutions company will be able to combine it's own expertise in ANC and true wireless design and production with a platform that combines the software expertise from Bragi.

With over 40 years of experience, Cotron is a successful operation within the selective number of ODM operations specializing in headphones and speakers. The shared vision for this collaboration with the German company is to create a platform for manufacturers interested in the next generation of Hearables, where they can easily equip Bluetooth audio products with advanced natural user interfaces and provide frictionless experiences to end-users. The collaboration between the two companies shortens the product's time-to-market. Together, the company's complement each other's competencies and offer a platform that includes software related solutions for all kinds of wireless audio form factors.

Bragi's reference design catalog highlights products like the V201, based on the ergonomics of the multiple award-winning Dash Pro true wireless earbuds, with 20% smaller earpieces and a significantly more compact charging case. With high-quality Hybrid ANC and Capacitive Touch, the V203 reference design adds state of the art Active Noise Cancellation. Hybrid ANC is also supported by the V303 reference design, which additionally offers an extraordinary speech quality. Finally, the V800 reference design pushes the boundaries in the industry for the world's first True Wireless Stereo (TWS) over ear headphone concept, combining an ultra slim design and long battery life. 

"Think of a platform that enables you to tailor audio products efficiently according to your specific ideas. Combine this with Bragi’s patented commercial App Store for Hearables, allowing audio brands to offer a full range of apps and services that adapt based on the needs of their users. The possibilities for innovation are endless," says Nikolaj Hviid, founder and CEO of Bragi.

All the multiple product compositions between Bragi's reference designs and software suite extendes possibilities for manufacturers, when combined with Cotron's capabilities and own solutions. "Unifying the advantages of two different technologies creates a new value in the era of Smart Audio Products. Traditionally, customers are forced to passively choose their product's features - We believe they should be able to proactively define features and specs to their specific needs. Audio brands are facing the difficulty of transforming their devices into smart audio products, to extend the product's lifecycle. Our platform combines aerospace materials as the key materials of the speaker driver with Bragi’s software solutions, ensuring truly smart audio products with groundbreaking acoustic design. In this way, minimal form-factors can be effectively combined with maximum performance, and additionally shorten audio brands' time-to-market. We’re looking forward to addressing the market opportunity in the global audio market together with Bragi, taking product development to a whole new level," adds Cotron’s CEO Bill Yang.

The collaboration allows products to be ready for launch before the holiday season, enabling brands to quickly expand and innovate their product portfolio. Cotron has been in the audio industry for over forty years, specializing in OEM/ODM solutions for headphones and speakers. The team's experience and patents have allowed Cotron to maintain a leading position in this industry, creating several different hardware products and building top of the line performance products for known global brands.

After pioneering true wireless earbuds since 2013, when Bragi introduced their successful crowdfunding platform on Kickstarter, in 2019 the company decided to sell the Dash product business to a 3rd party company to focus on scaling its own technology, after investing more than $40 million (USD) in software and AI research and patents. The purpose of the transition was to transform the company into a software and service integrator, specifically a company that can provide software making audio products truly smart. The Bragi Software Suite with embedded AI enables brands and manufacturers to create new products efficiently and enables Bluetooth audio products with advanced natural user interfaces and a frictionless experiences to end-users.
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