Blue Cat Audio Releases Re-Head Plug-In To Improve Mixing with Headphones

May 15 2020, 02:10
Blue Cat Audio announced Re-Head, a unique head-response plug-in for most DAW platforms on Mac and Windows, created to make using headphones easier for audio professionals. The head response simulator for headphones allows users to enjoy studio monitor sound even when using headphones. Re-Head uses a head response model to recreate the effect of one's head and skull on the audio coming in from the speakers.

For many audio professionals, listening on headphones is a necessary evil. Perhaps you need headphones when tracking? Perhaps you need to work away from your studio? Or perhaps your studio has that one neighbor that simply can't enjoy your creative output at 3am in the morning? But listening through headphones creates an unnatural sound that's quite different from how we hear music from speakers.

The Re-Head plug-in creates a mixing room experience when using headphones, even when recording distorted guitars and other instruments that tend to sound unnatural in a headphone mix. Together with stereo processing, impulse response treatment, EQ and more, Re-Head takes care of the most common problems associated with headphone use in professional work: unnatural sound and ear fatigue.

At the center is a head response model that mimics the effect of our own skull on our hearing when listening through loudspeakers. Add to that stereo processing to avoid the hard-panned sound so common in headphones, a spectrum analyzer and EQ. There is even an impulse response representation of our favored mixing room to let us feel right at home, even when we're not.

"Re-Head won't replace our favorite studio monitors, for sure. But it will make the transition from speakers to headphones less dramatic," says Blue Cat. 

The 32/64-bit plug-in is now available for Mac OS X 10.7+ or Windows 10 or newer (also 64-bit) in VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit format, with an introductory price of €/$34.
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