Beyerdynamic Introduces Amiron Home Open-Back Headphones at Tokyo Headphone Festival 2016

October 19 2016, 04:00
New at the Tokyo Headphone Festival this October, beyerdynamic unveils the Amiron Home open headphones. The successor to the legendary T 90 features the brand’s coveted Tesla technology, with improved tonal precision. The German brand describes the sound of its new Amiron as “warm” and “with a live atmosphere”. Apparent in the new design and choice of quality materials is an effort to improve wearing comfort and provide an overall sense of workmanship “Handmade in Germany”.

The new beyerdynamic Amiron is an evolution of the brand’s circumaural designs, with an improved extended frequency response and nominal SPL reaching 102 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz) and very low T.H.D. (< 0.05% - 1 mW / 500 Hz). The new Amiron is also extremely light (340 g) and features an improved combination of materials to make it extremely comfortable. 

Details so far revealed by beyerdynamic describe an additional fabric in front of the multi-layer compound cap reducing high-frequency resonances. The acoustic transducers are dampened on the rear to ensure a balanced frequency response in the mid frequencies, while a new, acoustically-effective ear pad filling material increases bass precision. “Together, these allow for a warm, stress-free sound with fascinating spaciousness - as intoxicating as a live concert,” they say.

The new open headphones were designed to be the ideal partner for a high-quality hi-fi system, or a headphone amplifier - which means home of office space use. Additionally, the 250-ohm transducers deliver a sufficiently high output level through a tablet or modern portable device.

Revealing extreme attention to wearing comfort and workmanship, the ear pads are made from velvety soft microfiber velour, providing temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating effects. Yokes made from solid aluminum and decorative rings made from die-cast aluminum complete the elegant appearance.

Every last detail of the hand-crafted Amiron Home has been comprehensively designed, and tested for durability. A three-meter long connection cable is detachable on both sides, with no soldering joints at the Y-adapter. The new, highly flexible twin wire is fed through as a single unit - from the gold-plated jack plug with screw adapter for large 6.35 mm jacks through to the Tesla transducers.

The first chance to listen to the new Amiron Home headphones will be at the 2016 Tokyo Headphone Festival (October 22-23, 2016). The premium headset will then be available at a price of $699 in November 2016.
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