beyerdynamic Debuts Phonum Wireless Bluetooth and USB Speakerphone at CES 2019

January 3 2019, 00:35
Following an earlier presentation of the concept in 2018, beyerdynamic will use CES 2019 to officially launch Phonum, its wireless Bluetooth and USB speakerphone with high-quality sound transmission and integrated premium loudspeaker that radiates 360-degrees of sound. While Phonum was designed for corporate applications and meeting spaces, beyerdynamic’s clearly thinks the concept will be attractive and simply to use that it should also get attention in the generic consumer electronics space. It's time for the "smart speakerphone."

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and conferencing products, beyerdynamic has unique competencies to design and manufacture such a product. Phonum combines three capsules in the microphone for high-quality sound with proprietary technology that captures all spoken words and eliminates echo sound or background noise. Designed for mobile conferences over the Internet, the Phonum operates through Bluetooth with a PC, laptop or smartphone. 

For increased functionality, the Phonum features a USB port for applications with poor radio communication. Phonum enhances large conferences, including video and teleconference, for up to eight people with three microphone modes, including omnidirectional, cardioid and beamforming. The beamforming mode automatically adjusts the microphone in the direction of the person speaking.

The compact, portable battery-operated speakerphone uses a downfire loudspeaker for the best possible sound reproduction and beyerdynamic's exclusive Voice Compass technology to draw attention to the spoken word. With Voice Compass, Phonum is able to identify the speaker’s position in the room and focus the audio capture process on this person. The result is perfect transmission of the spoken word while eliminating echo and background noise, ensuring faultless intelligibility even in acoustically-challenging spaces. Phonum improves the quality of the audio transmission and the communication effectiveness.

Typically, technology for meeting spaces has been traditionally fixed and cable-based, meaning flexibility is very difficult if not impossible when it comes to relocation. However, Phonum allows any room to become a meeting room. The compact system can be carried effortlessly from room to room or on the road. Bluetooth connectivity means Phonum can be connected to smartphones, tablets or computers completely cable-free.

Phonum is powered by a lithium ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours and can be charged through the USB port. Users can operate Phonum through intuitive touch sensors, allowing the user the accept or end calls, increase or decrease the volume, select polar patterns, and mute or active the microphone. Phonum includes a hard case for conference on the go and a USB-C cable for quick charging and conferencing.
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