B&K Precision Expands Bench LCR Meter Family with 500 kHz and 1 MHz Models

March 24 2017, 04:00
B&K Precision continues to deliver on its promise of delivering reliable and cost-effective test and measurement instruments and announced the expansion of its bench LCR meter family with the addition of two new models that extend the family's test frequencies up to 1 MHz. B&K Precision's new 894 and 895 bench LCR meters provide test frequencies from 20 Hz to 500 kHz and 20 Hz to 1 MHz, respectively, and can measure inductance, capacitance and resistance with 0.05% basic impedance accuracy.

The 894 and 895 are high accuracy LCR meters capable of measuring inductance, capacitance, and resistance of components and materials at DC or from 20 Hz to 500 kHz or 1 MHz respectively. These LCR meters provide flexible AC and DC test signal configuration. AC test signal voltage is variable from 5 mVrms to 2 Vrms, the AC current is adjustable up to 66.7 mArms, depending on the AC impedance selected, and a DC bias signal can be added. 

The vivid 4.3-inch TFT LCD offers a clear view of all measured and setting values along with BIN sorting comparator results and a handy Zoom feature that enlarges the measured values to full screen. With a basic accuracy of 0.05%, auto level control (ALC), open / short / load correction and cable length compensation, these meter are perfect tools for R&D, manufacturing and quality control applications.

Both new bench LCR meters provide variable AC test signal levels from 5 mVrms to 2 Vrms, a built-in DC bias source, and three AC current ranges via the selectable 30/50/100 ohm AC source impedance setting. The 30 ohm internal impedance setting provides up to 66.7 mArms of drive current that is sufficient for testing large inductors and transformers. With a full array of test features and remote interfaces including a handler interface, the 894 and 895 models are ideal for characterizing a wide variety of components in production and laboratory environments.

DC biasing is a commonly used method to measure the capacitance of ceramic, MLCC, polyester, and other types of capacitors with high dielectric constants. Due to the change in capacitance when a DC voltage is applied, users must control the DC voltage to obtain a deterministic measurement result. B&K Precision's 894 and 895 LCR meters provide this capability with a built-in DC bias source adjustable from -5 V to 5 V.

The 894 and 895 models also feature an intuitive interface with a bright 4.3" color LCD display that displays both primary and secondary measurements along with all test signal parameters on one screen. On the front panel, users can quickly access the built-in DC bias source function and easy-to-view zoom display mode with voltage and current monitoring. A USB host port enables external storage of measurement data logs, instrument setups, and screenshots.

Additionally, the new LCR meters provide auto level control, DC resistance measurement, a bin sorting function with pass/fail indicator, cable-length compensation, and a 201-point programmable list-sweep function. An optional test fixture (TL89T1) is available for various transformer measurements: primary/secondary inductance (L1, L2), turns ratio (N, 1/N), mutual inductance (M), and direct current resistance (R2).

On the rear, the instruments offer a 36-pin handler interface for easy integration with a component handler and standard SCPI-compliant USB (USBTMC or Virtual COM), RS232, LAN interfaces for programming and remote control and GPIB (model 895).

Each unit is shipped with Kelvin clips, shorting bar, and 4-terminal test fixture for convenient measurement of axial and radial lead type components.

Available immediately, B&K Precision's new 894 and 895 bench LCR meters are backed with a three-year warranty and listed at a price of $3,625 and $5,525 respectively.
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