Avermetrics Makes High-Performance Audio Testing Affordable with New AverLAB Audio Analyzer

June 12 2017, 04:00
Avermetrics, the audio and electronic production test systems specialist company from Los Angeles, CA, has announced the release of its new AverLAB audio analyzer. According to Avermetrics, AverLAB slashes the cost of high-performance audio testing by more than 50% and is also the only analyzer in its class that lets users add additional channels as needed for simultaneous testing of multi-channel devices.

AverLAB’s analog performance extends to 88 kHz and the typical system residual distortion is better than -107 dB. The digital side supports 192K audio through all popular professional and consumer interfaces as well as being the only analyzer on the market to support the ADAT interface, which remains an important asset in pro audio applications. The under six pound, cigar-box sized unit also includes eight general purpose interface lines that can be configured for use as inputs or outputs to control ancillary equipment. Three user-assignable buttons and a rotary knob on the front panel make AverLAB truly bench-top friendly, allowing users to adjust parameters and run tests without a mouse or keyboard.

“A low price and long feature set makes AverLAB the best value ever seen in an audio analyzer,” says Jonathan Novick, Avermetrics Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “However, it’s the front panel controls and quiet, fan-less operation that have endeared users long frustrated by computer controlled test equipment. We also expect its portability to be a hit with on-site service professionals and those that travel to contract manufacturers.”

Operation under both Windows and Mac operating systems makes AverLAB unique among audio analyzers. Connection to the instrument is made via Ethernet rather than USB which means an engineer can easily move from a lab bench to their desk and maintain access to the analyzer. The software will automatically reconnect to the hardware if the connection breaks for any reason.

AverLAB software features hierarchical automation. Tests and limits can be defined once and reused multiple times in test sequences. This greatly simplifies the creation and modification of long and highly repetitive sequences such as those used with high-channel count audio consoles.

"Great lengths were taken to make AverLAB future-proof. One can greatly expand the input/output channel count via the AverLink interface to the AverLine rack test systems already on the market. A future software update will enable the built-in I2S, I2C and SPI interfaces for work with digital audio integrated circuits," the company adds.

The AverLAB audio analyzer is priced at $3000 and software updates are free. Pre-orders are being accepted now and shipments will begin in August 2017. It will also be made available via Amazon.

Founded in 2011, Avermetrics develops highly scalable test solutions for electronics production lines. Avermetrics is a US manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 
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