August New Products and News

August 23 2013, 13:01

Acoustica 6 With Multitrack Editing and New Restoration Tools

Photo 1: Acon Digital Media’s Acoustica 6 now offers a multitracking editing option shown here.

Acon Digital Media has made another leap forward with its latest Acoustica version. The Acoustica 6, a comprehensive audio editor for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, offers several new  features, including multitrack editing, upgraded audio restoration tools, and a phase linear equalizer. Acoustica 6 is available in three editions—free Basic, Standard, and Premium, which supports 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround and includes an extended range of processing tools.

Premium Edition 6 is aimed at ambitious home users and semi-professionals. It offers a range of high-quality filters and effects, multitrack editing, and support for multichannel audio. The new phase linear equalizer is equipped with six bands and six filter types. It is free of frequency-warping effects that typically occur in digital implementations of analog filters. With –3 to –120-dB/octave variable bandwidths and variable filter slopes, it is possible to realize almost any filter characteristic.

Additionally, the tools from the recently released Acon Digital Restoration Suite are seamlessly integrated to effectively reduce broadband noise, clicks, crackles, hum, and buzz. Material suffering from analog or digital clipping can also be improved using the new declipper. Acoustica Premium Edition 6 costs $119.90. Multitrack editing is also included in Acoustica Standard Edition 6, which costs $39.90. The free Acoustica Basic Edition 6 provides a basic foundation for audio editing and supports new audio formats (e.g., WAV64, MP4, and AAC). The latter two are only available under Windows 7 or higher. For more information, visit

B&K Expands Line

Photo 2a: B&K Precision’s 4014B sweep function generator.

B&K Precision has added three new direct digital synthesis (DDS) sweep function generator models: the 4014B, the 4040B, and the 4045B. All models generate stable and precise sine, square, and triangle waveforms and provide 0-to-10-Vpp  output voltages (into 50 O) or 20 Vpp into an open circuit.

The 4014B presents a new 12-MHz function generator with sweep and AM/FM modulation functions to B&K’s DDS generator line, while the 4040B and the 4045B directly replace previous 20-MHz models 4040DDS and 4045. These new models are ideal for education and training uses, as well as other applications that require low-cost sweep function generators with modulation or arbitrary waveform capabilities.

Photo 2b: Rear view of B&K Precision’s 4014B sweep function generator.

Designed with a dual-technology architecture, the models combine traditional DDS technology with a low-jitter square wave generator. Compared to signals generated by typical low-cost DDS function and arbitrary waveform generators, this implementation significantly minimizes jitter and improves square waves’ edge stability. Additionally, these instruments incorporate separate output amplitude and DC offset amplifiers, which enable users to set large –4.99-to-4.99-V (into 50 O) DC offsets with an amplitude output signal as low as 10 mV.

The new models also offer large color LCDs and menu-driven front panel keypads. Convenient waveform and range selection buttons enable you to quickly and easily make adjustments. The color displays show both waveform parameters and output waveform previews.

Other standard features include a rotary control knob, a linear and logarithmic sweep function, AM/FM modulation, a built-in counter, and a SCPI-compatible USB (virtual COM) interface.

B&K Precision’s 4014B, 4040B, and 4045B DDS function generators are listed at $475, $550, and $750, respectively. For additional information, visit

HydraConnect Debuts HDMI Matrix Processor

HydraConnect has developed a new addition to its line of intelligent HDMI matrix switching systems. The new HS-3 uses the video and technology of the HSS-3 flagship product, while enabling users to select their own analog audio switching solution. The HS-3’s advanced features—an automatic setup, CEC control of sources and displays, an easy-to-use web-based interface, remote access, and automatic cloud-based updates—are contained in a small, 2U rack-mountable chassis. The HS-3 has eight HDMI inputs and eight full HDBaseT outputs with two selectable local HDMI outputs.

Photo 3: HydraConnect’s HS-3 offers an easy-to-use web-based interface in a small rack-mountable chassis.

HydraConnect’s products provide advanced system automation, automatic setup, and interface processing through an onboard Linux computer. The integrated web-based interface enables installers to use a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone to automatically set up and test all the connected devices.

HydraConnect’s patented CEC Control software functions as a “universal translator” among the many HDMI hardware control implementations to eliminate IR flashers. HydraConnect’s processing capabilities also include patent-pending Dynamic EDID electronic device identification management that automatically manages 3-D sources with mixed 3-D and 2-D TVs.

Once connected to the Internet, HydraConnect products are part of HydraConnect’s Cloud, so when software updates are available, they occur automatically without user intervention. Remote access capability is built in and enables a technician or the factory to troubleshoot the system from anywhere in the world.

The HS-3 costs $6,599. For more information, visit

Eminence Offers a New Compression Driver

Photo 4: Eminence Speakers’s 1.4” exit compression driver features an 800-Hz-to-20-kHz usable frequency range.

Eminence Speakers initially developed its HF drivers for loaded cabinets or as an upgrade to an existing device. Its HF drivers achieve extraordinary levels of audio performance with the same durability expected from Eminence’s bass and midrange transducers. Eminence recently added a 1.4” exit compression driver to its HF product line, the PSD:3014. With a 100-W continuous AES power rating, the PSD:3014 features a 3” voice coil and a recommended 800-Hz minimum crossover frequency. The PSD:3014 weighs 13.7 lb and contains a polyimide voice coil former, a ferrite magnet, and a titanium diaphragm with a geodesic design. For more information, visit

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