Audirvana Launches Version 3.5 of its Software Audio Player for MacOS

April 26 2019, 01:10
Audirvana, maker of the renowned audio playback and management software for Mac, has unveiled the redesigned new version 3.5, introducing new Sound Quality enhancements and a completely new User Interface. According to the French software company, Audirvana version 3.5 for Mac was completely rewritten, with benefits on the playback quality compared to previous versions, as well as introducing new features such as the Mini Player.

Created by Damien Plisson and acclaimed by users all around the world, Audirvana has quickly established itself as one of the preferred sources in paid audio software for Mac owners by allowing music lovers who use macOs to replace Apple’s iTunes and take advantage of optimal sound quality, whether using HD online music services or managing locally stored files, including high resolution formats. In July 2018, Audirvana also launched the new version of its software for Windows 10, for PC owners.

How does it work?
As Audirvana explains, the software "transforms the computer into a source of true high-fidelity audio," by becoming master of the computer's flow of audio signals. This includes avoiding the intervention of other applications during listening, as well as any hidden modification of the audio samples. The expert software reduces processor activity and stabilizes power supply, to minimize digital distortion and possible radio interference. Finally, it optimizes the operation of the digital-to-analog converter — integrated or external — by providing it with a suitable and pre-decoded digital stream. 
Metadata fields in the new 3.5 Mac interface.
Audirvana also allows audio files to be sent to compatible network players that use the UPnP/DLNA protocol, the most universally used standard for transmitting music to wireless hi-fi systems without loss of sound quality. Audirvana for Mac or Windows supports the playback of the most popular audio formats, especially those in high resolution: FLAC, WAV, AIFF, the new MQA format, as well as DSD files. The software also integrates TIDAL, Qobuz, and HRA Streaming high-definition streaming services, and manages all types of music-file libraries, regardless of their size.

More important to many users, with the Audirvana software, the user can control the metadata, view and directly modify the information provided about albums and songs, adding fields which are important to many genres, especially for classical music, like Conductor, Orchestra, Soloist, Period, Style, Main Instrument, etc.

Standard Playlists can also be created, as well as intelligent playlists whose content is automatically updated according to the criteria defined in Audirvana. Playlists created from a streaming service are also available.

What's new in Audirvana 3.5 for Mac? 
Apart from an improvement in sound quality, which the company says is the direct result of a complete rewriting of the software, the new version 3.5 of Audirvana for macOS presents a new graphical user interface, the result of a meticulous work in integrating the choices between two themes proposed to users: a light mode and a dark mode.

To make it easier to use, Audirvana also includes a new view by Artists, in addition to views by Tracks and by Albums, there is direct selection of the audio device via a button directly on the main window, and there is a new search system, to facilitate searching by Track, Albums, Artist, or Playlist. The integration of HRA Streaming, a high definition streaming service from the German HIGHRESAUDIO download site is also new, adding to the alreday supported TIDAL and Qobuz services. Finally, for users who want to access the computer and remain aware of the software, Audirvana now includes a new Mini-Player.
The new Mini-Player in Audirvana 3.5 for Mac.

Anyway, Audirvana makes remote control apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to stay aways from the computer. These apps are pure remote controls. Audirvana continues to work directly on the computer.

Anyone can try the software first since there is a Trial Version available for free for 30 days. Suggested retail prices of Audirvana 3.5 for Mac start at $75 USD for the Full Version 3.5 (taxes not included):, with available paid upgrades for owners of Version 1 ($52.50), or Version 2 ($45) and a free upgrade for owners of Version 3. Existing users will note that the software is now simply referred to as "Audirvana," and no longer Audirvana Plus. The software remains exactly the same, since the company decided to call it simply Audirvana and not create different versions with more or less features. In our view, that's always a wise decision.
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