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December 28 2018, 00:45 - The Most Popular Stories of 2018 - The Most Popular Stories of 2018
2018 was another record-breaking year for with visits and users doubling the figures compared to our record year in 2016 (when Facebook was still a thing and we didn't have to pay to show our stories).

Want to know which of the topics and stories published online in 2018 were the most popular? We looked at the most-read articles of 2018 in (which also includes selected articles from Voice Coil magazine), and we created this Top 10 list of news stories and online articles. Here are the results!

Top Ten Most Popular News Posts

Western Electric to Reintroduce Famous 300B Electron Tube

The Dynaco ST-70 Series 3 Tube Amplifier is Now (Finally!) Shipping

Revolutionary “Curante” Full Range Speaker From Bayz Audio Unveiled at High End Munich 2018

Powersoft Introduces New M-Force Design at 2018 Prolight+Sound

KEF Announces New Completely Revamped R Series Loudspeakers

RecordingTheMasters Launches New FOX C-60 Analog Compact Music Cassette

ICEpower Announces Its Most Powerful Amplifier Module to Date

Beyma Introduces New High Performance Subwoofers, Woofers and Small Compression Drivers

PMC Impresses at High End 2018 with New fenestria Flagship Loudspeaker

Texas Instruments Launches Three New Class-D Amplifiers to Solve Smart-Home Audio Design Challenges

Top Ten Most Popular Articles 
(posted in 2018 - check articles for original magazine publication)

A Hybrid Tube/MOSFET Headphone Amplifier
By Erno Borbely
Category: Project Articles

You Can DIY! Turntable Speed Control
By Joel Hatch
Category: Project Articles

Test Bench: Volt Loudspeakers VM752 3” Midrange Dome Driver
By Vance Dickason
Category: Voice Coil Test Bench

Shunt or Not - Looking for the Ultimate Audio Voltage Regulator
By Are Waagbø
Category: Project Articles

High Power SE 6C33C Amp
By Ari Polisois
Category: Project Articles

Speaker Design: Driver-Induced Vibrations
By Claudio Negro
Category: Theory Articles

Measuring Loudspeaker Low-Frequency Response
By Joe D'Appolito
Category: Theory Articles

Fresh From the Bench: SB Acoustics Rinjani and Ara Speaker Kits
By Oliver Masciarotte
Category: Magazine Articles

A Single-Ended “E-Linear” Power Amplifier
By Pete Millett
Category: Project Articles

Test Bench: Scan-Speak Ellipticor 18WE/4542T00 Midbass Woofer
By Vance Dickason
Category: Voice Coil Test Bench
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