Audioengine Introduces New HDP6 Premium Passive Speakers

September 21 2016, 03:10
Audioengine, from Austin, Texas, could very well be called “the sensible audio company” because their products always make sense: they have great design, sound great, are reasonably priced and they match today’s consumer profiles perfectly. Audioengine knows wireless and computer audio well and knows how, increasingly, people listen to music on a desktop or in close proximity to speakers. For that market, Audioengine released a passive version of their HD6 powered speakers.

The new HDP6 Premium Passive Speakers are based on the same look and style as Audioengine’s beautiful HD6 powered speakers, which funny enough, are the largest model the company designed. The HDP6 allows users to combine these high performance two-way passive bookshelf loudspeakers with their favorite components, which increasingly include a high-quality DAC connected to a good quality tube preamp and power amplifier, or simply a compact integrated class-D unit.

Bookshelf speakers offer the flexibility to place them in tight spaces but they typically don’t have the same big sound as floorstanding designs. But not so with HDP6 as they project a soundstage usually found in much larger and more expensive speakers. Beautiful and small, they can be placed in an out-of-the-way anywhere at home or office and can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling. But regardless of where they’re placed, their performance will impress and they tastefully fit with almost any decor.

“The HD6 powered speakers are the flagship of our recently-released HD Series, and we felt many customers would appreciate a passive speaker with the same great sound and look so we created the HDP6,” says Dave Evans, Audioengine co-founder.

Brady Bargenquast, Audioengine co-founder adds, “The HDP6 are a solid-performer and an attractive value in their price range. And with identical audio specs as the powered HD6, the new P6’s are happily driven by just about any amplifier, stereo system or surround-sound setup.”

The speakers combine purposely designed 5.5 inch woofers, built on solid aluminum frames with advanced Kevlar cones and butyl rubber surrounds, designed to dissipate unwanted resonances. Ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters driven with neodymium magnets hold up well under high power and give a smooth response thanks to their edge-driven design. Slotted rear bass ports eliminate wave turbulence, allowing the compact cabinets to deliver deep bass.

The cabinets are made of 20mm thick MDF with rigid bracing to ensure proper stiffness and mass to clearly and accurately reproduce sound without creating parasitic resonances. Beautiful furniture-grade hardwood veneer finishes with sleek aluminum trim accents are available in Walnut, Cherry or custom Satin Black. Stylish grills also magnetically attach to protect the drivers without affecting the sound. The speakers are magnetically-shielded and feature threaded inserts to secure speakers to stands, shipping with high-density foam isolation pads (attached to the base).

Audioengine HDP6 Premium Passive Speakers have a retail price of $499 per pair and are available now.
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