Audioburst Launches Real-Time Talk-Audio App for Android Auto Platform

July 29 2019, 00:45
Audioburst Auto is an app created for the Android Auto platform, designed to provide expertly curated playlists, a personalized news feed, and search capabilities to drivers. Having until now promoted the platform and API for developers, Audioburst Auto is the company's first consumer-oriented product. All features are built using Audioburst’s own short-format approach and are completely accessible via voice commands.

Since its inception, Audioburst has been powering personalized listening experiences by pulling content from top radio stations and podcasts. Audioburst uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to listen, distill, contextualize and index spoken word audio content into short form snippets. Audioburst’s API enables media companies to leverage audio content as a new layer of user engagement and monetization while consumers enjoy audio content discovery, recommendations, and a deep level of personalization through textual search or voice interaction across all devices.

The Audioburst experience is already available on several interfaces such as Audioburst Search, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Additionally, developers can access the Audioburst API to tap into the Audioburst Content Library and introduce a more dynamic and personalized listening experience for users across in-car infotainment systems, voice assistants, IoT gadgets, and smartphones.

After some success creating automotive infotainment applications for car manufacturers, with Audioburst Auto, the company is now making available its own app that explores its own technology. "At Audioburst, our goal is to make sure that listeners can safely access the world’s talk-audio, anywhere, anytime, which is why we’ve developed our newest consumer-facing product, Audioburst Auto," states Rachel Batish, VP of Product, Audioburst.

Audioburst Auto is available for the Android Auto platform and all searches are accessible via voice commands. By organizing live and prerecorded audio content to make it more easily accessible and discoverable, Audioburst enables different listening experiences that can be discovered using keywords and phrases, and creates a customized audio stream for each listener, based on their interests, past behaviors and trending topics.

The Audioburst Auto experience focuses on the company's own signature audio ‘bursts’ — short-form audio snippets that capture the best moments from long-form talk-audio content. Bursts ensure that the experience delivered to listeners consists only of the content they want, so drivers don’t need to divert their eyes from the road to fiddle with a radio dial or fast forward to a specific timestamp in a podcast.

Audioburst Auto also offers a selection of curated playlists, all hand-picked by the company's own team. "There are playlists that set you up for success such as Business, Tech, and World News; playlists that aim to delight such our Entertainment playlist; playlists that offer smart, quirky content such as our ‘Off Beat’ mix; and playlists that relay the latest plays and trades, like Audioburst Auto’s Sports feed," Rachel Batish adds.

While many smart-speakers and voice-assisted apps play a generic ‘news briefing,’ Audioburst allows users to have complete control when it comes to building their very own personalized news feed. Users can pick and choose from a wide array of topics, ranging from content from curated playlists and trending searches to the latest in news and entertainment. Users can also add their own keywords to generate their own playlists.

"Sometimes you want to know what Kanye West has done now, while other times you may need the current traffic report for New York City. Either way, Audioburst Auto has the answer. Audioburst’s AI-powered search and discovery platform takes your question and returns fresh, relevant short-form audio results sourced from thousands of podcasts and radio broadcasts. When you need information on-the-go, “talk to Audioburst” Auto," says Batish.

“Bringing Audioburst’s short-form focus in-car is a no-brainer. No more pressing buttons, no distracted driving, just quality talk-audio content whenever you need it,” she adds.

Audioburst Auto is now available to download from the Google Play store.
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