LG Electronics and Audioburst Collaborate to Build Audio Content Voice Search In-Car

December 6 2018, 03:35
LG Electronics and California-based Audioburst announced a collaboration to build the next cutting-edge in-car infotainment systems for leading automakers, giving consumers new ways to access and explore voice search and content, and brands deeper analysis around that usage in-car. LGE will be the first company to integrate Audioburst Deep Analysis API for Live Audio Streams. The experience, still in stealth mode, will be unveiled in January to select audiences at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

“Automotive makers are seeking to redefine what in-car infotainment looks like alongside the progression of voice search, in-car personal assistants, and autonomous driving,” says Vice President Lee Sang-yong, Head of LGE Vehicle Infotainment System Research Lab. “We are excited to lead the charge in developing the new gold standard and be the first to partner with Audioburst’s technology, which we will proudly debut to select partners at CES.”

Initially created for indexing talk-radio content, Audioburst is a voice search platform for audio content, enabling consumers to conveniently access radio stations, podcasts and any type of spoken word audio content by topic. Every day, the Audioburst AI platform listens to, understands, segments and indexes millions of minutes of audio content from top radio stations, TV and podcasts. Powered by advanced natural language processing technology and a proprietary AI platform that indexes audio segments into searchable “bursts” in real-time, Audioburst introduced an entirely new way for consumers and businesses to interact with live or recorded audio content across platforms and devices.

Audioburst Deep Analysis API is an additional layer of advanced metadata categorization now available to partners, which enables a deeper understanding of the content being listened to and searched for in real-time. This will allow brands like LGE to better interpret and target consumers, while offering users of its infotainment systems the ability to dive deeper into the content they’re most interested in.

Now, every second of live audio is bound in real-time with rich metadata including keywords, entities, properties, features, and sentiments using Audioburst’s powerful AI technology, enabling a comprehensive understanding of context and trends like never before. Audioburst’s platform, with a typical audio source, produces more than 28 million pieces of information every 24 hours. With thousands of sources, Audioburst is arming LGE and future partners with potent and comprehensive data.

“LGE is known for building innovative in-car infotainment systems, and today's partnership showcases what’s achievable when the brand comes together with Audioburst’s unmatched AI technology to reimagine in-vehicle entertainment like never before,” says Assaf Gad, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Audioburst. “We are excited to introduce Audioburst Deep Analysis and collaborate with brands to better understand consumer behavior and listening experiences.”

The Audioburst experience is already available on several interfaces such as Audioburst Search, a new web and mobile-optimized search engine for finding, discovering, consuming and sharing audio news. Additionally, developers can access the Audioburst APIs to tap into the robust Audioburst Content Library and introduce a more dynamic and personalized listening experience for users across in-car infotainment systems, voice assistants, mobile apps, IoT gadgets, and smartphones, from brands including Samsung, ByteDance, Nippon Broadcasting, Radioline, Bose, and Harman.
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