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September 9 2015, 05:00

We’ve worked hard on this month’s issue of audioXpress and we are certain you will enjoy what we have selected for you!

Our cover article features a great R&D story involving two of the most respected companies in the industry. In “Precision Performance: The Pursuit of Perfect Measurement,” Valerio Marra from COMSOL explains the simulation process Brüel & Kjær researchers are using to improve their industrial and measurement-grade microphones. The article details how Brüel & Kjær used a combination of COMSOL’s Multiphysics base package, together with the Acoustics Module, the Structural Mechanics Module, and the AC/DC module in their R&D process.
Another highlight is Joe D’Appolito’s review of the CLIO Pocket Electro-Acoustical Portable Measurement System from Audiomatica. Joe was asked by Audiomatica to beta test its latest creation, the CLIO Pocket, comprised by the CP–01 Audio Interface (hardware) and software designed to run on Windows and Apple Mac OSX. This in-depth review shares how it works and what’s possible with this solution that consists of two systems—a signal generator and an audio analyzer.
Another audioXpress October highlight is Gary Galo’s review of the IsoAcoustics’ Aperta Speaker Stands, recently introduced by this Canadian company. Aperta is a new aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective line of aluminum acoustic isolation stands built with a unique, patented isolation technology that enables speakers to float in free space, resulting in clear uncolored sound.
Continuing his series on realistic sound reproduction, Ron Tipton discusses binaural sound from two loudspeakers. In this first article on the subject, Ron explains the concept of crosstalk cancellation and spectral compensation, which are essential to understand the principle.
Another great read is an article about Car Audio, in particular the benefits of 48 volts for autosound, from Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis. As they explain, the concept of a higher voltage for vehicle electrical systems is not new, but previous attempts to establish a new standard a decade ago failed due to component costs and the lack of a real driving force for development. However, in today’s market, where any CO2 emissions reduction represents a cost savings to the OEM, the industry’s motivations have changed and the availability of power at a higher voltage level without major manufacturing or cost penalties means significant benefits for the manufacturers and new opportunities for the consumer.
This month, we also have a great DIY audio project that we believe will be interesting for the majority of our readers. In this complete and detailed DIY design, Bill Christie uses a Pioneer TSW303 to construct a powered subwoofer for his 3.1-channel loudspeaker system.
And because you cannot start a DIY audio project without a good understanding of practical Test & Measurement, we recommend this new part of Stuart Yaniger article series on Sound Cards for Data Acquisition in Audio Measurements in which he focuses on “the user.” By that, we need to focus on our own understanding of the measurement, choosing the right measurement parameters, and recognizing the artifacts in the data that are due to the parameter choices.
In our Hollow-State Electronics series, Richard Honeycutt explains how to “troubleshoot the tough ones.” After explaining how to troubleshoot hollow-state amplifiers and power supplies using investigative categories, Richard explains how sometimes, more drastic measures are necessary. That’s what he calls the “divide and conquer” methods.
Finally, don’t miss Shannon Becker’s questions to Westin Bye and Cooper Buss, the founders of LIFE Acoustics. In this interview with the two entrepreneurs we learn about their fledgling company and why they placed their fate in the hands of Kickstarter investors. The motto for LIFE Headphones is “Better Fit, Better Sound, Higher Purpose,” and they have teamed with NGO Ayúdame a Escuchar (Help Me Hear) to change the lives of deaf children living in poverty by giving them solar powered hearing aids.
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