Audient Introduces EVO Audio Interface Range at NAMM 2020

January 15 2020, 00:15
Audient has been working hard to launch something extra special for NAMM 2020. Not just new products, but a whole new brand.  EVO by Audient is a new range of audio interfaces, created by renowned British audio brand Audient, focusing on the user experience and making recordings easier. The EVO interfaces are launching at NAMM 2020, with the 2in / 2out USB audio interface EVO 4 available now, and the EVO 8 available soon after. Both models are USB-C class compliant.

With the rise in podcasting, streaming and gaming, alongside the continuing rapid expansion of home recording, the EVO concept is designed to address the affordable audio interface market with a new range that offers an intuitive user experience, with application-specific features and stunning aesthetics - all whilst retaining the professional sound and technical quality expected from Audient. 

The EVO 4 is a USB2.0 bus powered unit that comes with free software and plugins in order to offer a ready-to-use solution, featuring 24-bit/96kHz recording resolution, and using converters with 113dB of dynamic range in the ADC and DAC stages. The total latency offered from input to computer output is only 4ms, with the built-in microphone preamps controlled directly from the DAW, and both microphone inputs featuring +48v True Phantom Power over USB.

Marketing director, Andy Allen explains Audient’s thinking: “We believe technology shouldn’t get in the way of the creative process; it should enhance it and be accessible to all, no matter what their skill-level or art-form and EVO is here to help make great-sounding recordings as easy and effortless as possible. 
“One of EVO’s most unique features is Smartgain which automatically sets the gain levels when the user starts playing or singing,” continues Andy. “This is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on being creative, or perhaps is just starting out,” he says. “Of course pros can still dial in the gain manually, if they choose - as well as benefiting from other features they’d expect from a professional audio interface.”

The EVO range provides high performance, combining all new EVO mic preamps with 58dB gain range, class-leading converters with a 113dB dynamic range, -127dB Mic Pre EIN, alongside a JFET D.I, Smartgain, Smart Touchpoints, speaker/headphone outputs, ultra-low latency, monitor mix and loopback functionality. An impressive feature set for its price point.
The EVO 4 model is scheduled to ship early in the first quarter of 2020 (location dependent) and will retail at US $129 MAP.  The EVO 8 will follow hot on the heels of EVO 4 for $199 (USA MAP). The EVO 8 offers four EVO Mic Pres with two speaker outputs and two headphone outputs, otherwise featuring exactly the specifications as the EVO 4.
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