Amphion Loudspeakers Creates One12 Studio Monitor Mobile Bundle

September 29 2016, 03:00
Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers is announcing a new product bundle that allows producers and sound engineers to take the Amphion sound with them everywhere they go. The compact One12 studio monitor is now available in a bundle with a pair of Amp100 mono amplifiers and speaker cables, all housed in a sturdy wooden travel case padded to ensure easy and safe transportation. The travel set will be presented at the Audio Engineering Society Convention in Los Angeles.

With this bundle, Amphion offers the comfort to work in different locations using the monitors the user knows better. According to Anssi Hyvönen, founder and Managing Director of Amphion Loudspeakers, “the nice thing about the One12 is that you can listen to it up really close, if you need to. I think of it as a large pair of high-resolution headphones which are very comfortable to wear all day long, and allow sharing the experience with the production team while taking the room out of the equation.”

One12 paired with Amp100 mono blocks make a perfect fit for home studios, small post production edit bays, mobile trucks or FOH, where space is a precious commodity. The One12 monitors feature a 1” titanium dome tweeter set in a Corian waveguide meticulously aligned to the 4.5” woofer to provide improved time and phase coherence. This approach, together with a very low crossover set at 1600 Hz, result in “a rock solid “phantom” center image, spectacular soundstage and imaging, and an extremely wide and deep sweet spot,” according to Amphiom. The custom designed SEAS woofers provide surprisingly tight and even lows for speakers with such small dimensions.

The bundle is already available for sale at a price of $3150 / EUR 2250 (excl. VAT).

Amphion partners with ETAL
Amphion Loudspeakers also announced that they have adopted ETAL Anaview AMS Class D amplifiers in their amplifiers. According to Anssi Hyvonen, “in order to offer our customers a complete solution, we needed amplifiers that fully complemented our passive studio monitor speakers. Highly transparent and resolving speakers like Amphion deserves a great sounding amp. Class D amplifiers are compact, and lightweight, but are inclined to have a slightly sterile, dry character. After listening to all the available solutions, we chose ETAL Anaview amplifiers, which offer the benefits of Class D, but to me did not sound like traditional Class D.” 
Anssi Hyvonen, Amphion Loudspeakers'
founder and managing director
with the One12 studio monitor and
an amplifier incorporating Anaview
Class D modules
He continued, “We couldn’t have created the Amp100 mono blocks weighing just one pound (450g) without using Class D technology. The Anaview amplifiers were very easy to integrate and build into an outstanding finished product. Support from the ETAL engineering team during the design process – and the logistical support and product reliability since we went into production has been pretty much faultless.”

Amphion Amp100 mono block and Amp100 (stereo) amplifiers are based on the Anaview AMS100. The Amp500, providing 500W per channel with rock solid control and tight, accurate resolution up and down the frequency spectrum, is based on the Anaview AMS1000. |
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