AmbiSonic Systems Unveils World’s First Outdoor Wifi Audio Amplifier at CEDIA 2018

September 11 2018, 00:05
A leading innovator in outdoor audio over the past 10 years and one of the largest OEM providers of outdoor audio systems over the past 8 years, AmbiSonic Systems is once again revolutionizing this key market segment. At this year’s CEDIA Expo, the company introduced the world’s first permanent outdoor audio amplifier, the L-240. It's looks might be deceiving, but the  L-240 offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability and is IP65 rated for permanent year-round outdoor use.

"The enduring issue of outdoor audio has always been: 'Where do we put the amplifier?' AmbiSonic’s L-240 all-weather Wi-Fi-Bluetooth amplifier solves this problem. No more running speaker wires from the house, and no issues with transmitting a wireless signal from the house. With sparkling fidelity and wireless, LAN, and line-level inputs, the L-240 is a game-changer. It’s the perfect solution," says Jeff Coombs, AmbiSonic Systems President and Founder.

The L-240 supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Audio and Apple AirPlay connectivity. It also functions as Wireless Access Point. The L-240 outputs 240 watts rms, is stable into a 2-ohm load, and functions with almost all 2-channel outdoor audio speakers.

Founded by Jeff Coombs in 2008, in Lake Havasu, Arizona, AmbiSonic Systems has become synonymous with premium outdoor audio solutions. At 2018 CEDIA, AmbiSonic also unveiled a unique dual 8-inch outdoor subwoofer, the S28BP-AW. This subwoofer is designed to mate perfectly with the L-240 and AmbiSonic’s 6.5HD speakers, the world’s first all-weather planar-ribbon loudspeakers.

The S28BP-AW contains no internal crossover, and requires no external crossover. It’s acoustically designed to integrate perfectly with AmbiSonic’s 6.5HD speakers, powered by the L-240.  With no crossover to absorb energy, the S28BP-AW is extremely efficient, and outputs ample, tight bass with no need for additional amplification. Combined, these products create a high-fidelity, stand-alone outdoor solution.
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