Aaton-Transvideo to Demonstrate AMBEO and Immersive Audio Support at NAB 2018

April 3 2018, 03:10
Aaton-Digital and Transvideo will be demonstrating several important innovations in terms of immersive audio production support at NAB 2018 (Las Vegas, April 9-12), both in their own booth and other partners' booths. Aaton-Digital audio products will be found on the Wisycom and Sennheiser booths. Aaton-Digital has announced that from now on, the CantarX3 and the CantarMini recorders will be delivered with Sennheiser AMBEO compatibility as standard.
Aaton Digital’s location sound recorders CantarMini and CantarX3 now include Sennheiser AMBEO technology as standard.

Announced in September 2017, Aaton Digital is now offering AMBEO immersive sound compatibility for its Cantar X3 and CantarMini digital multitrack location audio recorders. By embedding the A-to-B converter, Aaton Digital saves their users the inconvenience of having to externally convert the microphone’s A-format output to the processing-compatible B-format. The field recorder will directly output the B-format, ready for the further processing of audio signals for VR, AR and any other production format that requires immersive/spatial audio support.

The CantarMini is the latest 16 track ultra portable recorder-mixer from Aaton Digital, following the sophisticated Cantar X3. In the development of the CantarMini Aaton tried to create a small version of the Cantar X3 with half of the inputs, half of the weight and half of the price but with same quality of microphone preamplifiers, same functionalities, same graphic interface and the same software features, continuously improved via firmware upgrades.

As with the Cantar X3, all inputs in the CantarMini can be routed to any of the 16 tracks, with linear control sliders addressable to any inputs and/or output. All tracks and inputs can also be routed to 8 analogue auxiliary outputs and/or 4 digital outputs, with recordings complemented with self-generated PDF, CSV and ALE Sound Reports embedded with deliverable media. Essential for modern production, all tracks benefit from variable delay on each analogue inputs, allowing for compensation from multiple wired and wireless sources or camera feeds. The CantarMini also features a 30 second pre-record buffer.

As with the Cantar X3, the CantarMini benefits from a rich variety of analog and digital inputs, starting with 4 low noise mic inputs, preamps with very high quality transformer (line switchable), 48V phantom power, limiters, filters and EQ. There's also two balanced line inputs and AES digital inputs including 2 AES42 (mode 2), AES3 pairs (4 mono channels), and a built-In slate mic with ext slate mic input. Outputs include 8 analogue line level and 4 AES3 digital outputs on SubD HD 15, with all recordings available simultaneously on the internal m.2 SATA 256 GB SSD, two SD cards and USB external drive.

In comparison, the Cantar X3 offers 24 tracks on location recording with embedded mixer plate, 12 analog inputs on XLRs, 8 low noise mic preamps, and 4 analog line inputs, apart from multiple AES digital inputs including 2 AES42 pairs (mode 2), 8 AES/EBU and a Dante Audinate network access. The mixer features 10 channels with magnetic linear assignable faders, and all inputs can be routed to any of the 24 recording tracks or 8 analog auxiliary outputs and/or digital outputs. Mixdown can be assigned to any of the tracks.

On both recorders, new and improved interface menus are accessible through buttons or jog wheel, and all inputs and outputs monitoring and routing are available through comprehensive and intuitive menus on a bright color display. For easy metadata editing and routing control the recorders support a USB keyboard input, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth communication.

At NAB 2018, Sennheiser will promote the integration of AMBEO technology in the Aaton-Digital Cantar recorders with A-B conversion, an immersive audio system offering real possibilities for VR, animation, wild life and sound design. The CantarX3 digital 24 track location recorder includes the possibility to use 2 Ambeo microphones at the same time. On the Sennheiser booth (C1307), an Aaton-Digital CantarX3 will be shown with double AMBEO integration.

Wysicom will also exhibit the Aaton-Digital CantarMini digital 16 track sound recorder on a new lightweight support compatible with Wisycom’s receivers, giving direct access to the user interface of the receiver from the Cantar allowing set-up of options or channel frequencies. (Wisycom booth C856) 
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