Yamaha Nuage Embraces Music Production Studios With v1.6 Update

December 15 2014, 05:00
Yamaha has released a free update to its Nuage post-production and studio recording system which allows seamlessly compatibility with Steinberg’s just-released Cubase Pro 8 DAW software - making Nuage an exceptionally powerful and flexible control solution for music production studios.

Nuage is already highly regarded by the post-production industry, but Yamaha’s experience with live and studio mixing consoles meant that its potential to be an industry-leading solution for music production has long been recognized. This potential has now been realized, thanks to the Nuage v1.6 software update, which delivers high-level integration with Cubase Pro 8, including full access from Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units.

Cubase has been a benchmark of music production software for the past 25 years and Cubase Pro 8 is its most advanced version yet. One of the flagship features is its VCA faders, which not only assist in creating complex mixes, but enable more advanced automation workflows using the Combine VCA fader automation feature. For example merging the automation curve of a VCA fader with the automation curve of a controlled fader or fader groups.

Other key features of Cubase Pro 8 include Render In Place, which makes it easy to bounce MIDI and audio parts; Chord Pads to assist composers with creative chord and pattern variations; a new direct routing section in MixConsole that allows users to set up group routing destinations for multiple channels, buses and stems with a single click and Wave Meters, which displays upcoming audio events with the respective waveforms, scrolling through the mixer pane below the volume fader.

Nuage’s IP-based Dante network infrastructure delivers maximum system design flexibility and post-installation expandability. However, with v1.6, it has also become a powerful way to bridge the gap between production, broadcast and live sound applications. It supports full remote control of Yamaha’s new RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion audio interface, allowing selection of SRC, word clock sources, and other parameters via the Nuage display. This allows convenient audio communication with external MADI devices for significantly increased system expansion capability.

The latest Nuage software also provides numerous improvements to overall operation, developed in response to feedback from users. The new features and functionality will help to raise production efficiency and quality to unprecedented levels. These include:
• Quick division of audio events within the selected range via a Nuage Master shortcut (SHIFT + SPLIT). 
• Stereo panner type selection (Stereo Combined or Stereo Balance) from Nuage Fader units. 
• Channel strip access to cut filter slope, gain, phase, HA high-pass filter, and +48V parameters. 
• Overall ON/OFF switching of selected channel inserts and dynamics bypass from a Nuage Fader or Nuage Master unit.

Available now as a free download from the Yamaha Pro Audio website, the v1.6 update does not require a firmware update. It allows Yamaha’s latest control technology to seamlessly combine with Steinberg’s advanced DAW for an extraordinarily intuitive and flexible music production system.
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