Timecode Systems Unveils Next-Generation Timecode, Sync, and Metadata Sharing Device

April 14 2015, 03:10
Timecode Systems, a company specializing in wireless technologies for sharing timecode and metadata, announced :wave, an audio-focused, highly accurate timecode and genlock generator with integrated RF transceiver and Wi-Fi.

:wave features dual 915MHz and Wi-Fi wireless interfaces, greatly improved capabilities for the Timecode Systems B:LINK network, and hardware support for communication with Sound Devices audio mixers and recorders. The product’s unique features, coupled with the highly accurate wireless timecode and genlock capabilities for which Timecode Systems is acclaimed, will help professionals on a broadcast TV or movie set — especially using multicamera production — to configure and sync timecode and metadata between cameras and sound quickly across the set.

“In building on the success of the award-winning Timecode Buddy :wifi master, we’ve included the same rock-solid 915MHz RF transceiver, buffered timecode and genlock generator, and a Wi-Fi interface for communication with various applications. However, the two most exciting new features are the development of our B:LINK network on the 915MHz band and hardware integration with Sound Devices mixers and recorders,” explains Adam Parr, global sales director at Timecode Systems.

“We anticipate that :wave will be used most often as the ‘master timecode clock’ on set and in the sound department, where it will make it quicker and easier for sound mixers and production personnel to wirelessly sync multiple cameras and audio devices, monitor the status of all connected equipment, and create elegant sound reports using the MovieSlate iOS app from PureBlend along with the Sound Devices metadata. A very powerful collaboration indeed.”

Set up as a master timecode clock, :wave transmits timecode and sync data over the long-range and robust 915MHz RF band to all connected “slave” devices such as Timecode Systems’ :mini trx or :pulse units. A data port connects to audio recorders and mixers such as Sound Devices’ 788T, 688, 664, or 633 in order to push or pull metadata from those third-party units.

Timecode Systems’ long-range wireless B:LINK network relays all of the metadata and status information from all of the connected devices back to a single master unit. Then, with the :wave’s integrated Wi-Fi interface, users can use the B:LINK metadata and status information with a selection of applications.

“We’re very pleased to be collaborating with Timecode Systems to help make timecode and metadata sharing on set more streamlined than it’s ever been before,” said Paul Isaacs, vice president of marketing and product design, Sound Devices. “The :wave will be a great companion piece for our 788T, 688, 664 and 633 field audio mixer-recorders and will provide our customers with an easy way to distribute timecode, share metadata, and deliver sound reports — plus control and monitor status from their smart phones and tablets.”

In the new product lineup, :wave sits comfortably between the other Wi-Fi enabled products — the Timecode Buddy :wifi master and the company’s :pulse camera accessory — to serve as a multifunctional timecode and metadata hub for audio. This, in turn, seamlessly integrates with the well-respected :mini trx product. :wave is part of a new generation of Timecode Systems products, all of which include solid metal cases, OLED displays, B:LINK network capability, and greater connectivity to external equipment in units that are much smaller than the :wifi master predecessor.
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