Tang Band Speakers Announces​ ​Compact​ Bundled Subwoofer Products

November 12 2015, 03:00

Tang Band Speakers announced a new​ integrated bass solution comprising of​ wave-shaped passive radiators which are bundled with active drivers. According to the Chinese​ (Taiwanese)​ speaker manufacturer, the ​many​ combinations are ​an ideal​ choice for passive radiator subwoofer designs.

Tang Band Speakers developed these compact systems using their patented wave-shaped passive radiators in combination with TB active drivers, allowing very powerful subwoofer designs in mini enclosure​s​.
According to Tang Band, the unique aspect of their wave-shaped passive radiators relates to the linearity and quality consistency. ​Performance and linearity at high power input​ was an important design criteria with fast transient response of both the active driver and the driven passive radiator.
​Tang Band ​introduced​ ​3​ bundled projects start​ing​ from 2” and 4” active drivers W2-2040S and W4-2089S. The PR07-A package includes one W2-2040S driver plus two square passive radiators PR07; the PR08-A package includes a W2-2040S driver and a PR08 square radiator; while the PR15-A bundle (pictured below) features the larger W4-2089 driver with one PR15 square radiator. ​Enclosure data recommendations are provided for reference. ​Tang Band ​will continue this series with additional bundled projects.

Tang Band Speaker (known as TB Speaker), was established in 1996  in Taipei, Taiwan, manufacturing speaker parts, drivers and ODM/OEM finished products mainly for the US and Europe markets. In 1999, TB Speaker moved its production bases to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in China, and kept the sales department in Taipei, targeting the worldwide market and leveraging the expanding Asia markets with its expanding catalogue of Hi-Fi, home theater, outdoor, automobile, multimedia and professional PA products.

The popularity of small portable speakers in recent years, motivated TB Speaker to develop a series of small speaker drivers and modules which have proved to be very well accepted due to its sound quality and stability. The company managed to differentiate its offering with a patented system, combining a driver and cabinet, featuring a passive radiator design, which allows for a low frequency extension using smaller designs.

TB Speaker continues to develop new solutions, exploring new materials and designs, as well as new production methods, holding multiple patents and reinforcing its reputation as a manufacturer of top quality speakers.
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