TIDAL Certifies StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK Development Platform

December 18 2015, 03:10

StreamUnlimited, based in Vienna, Austria, is one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions and modules for connected and streaming audio multi-room solutions and products. This means StreamUnlimited is a go-to company for manufacturers looking to implement radio services, UPnP/DLNA, Google Cast, USB, high resolution audio, graphical user interfaces and streaming audio solutions over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet for any mobile or desktop platform. Effectively the company provides engineering services, hardware modules and software solutions (embedded SW and Apps), from idea to mass-production.

With its roots in the former Philips Audio Video Innovation Center in Vienna, StreamUnlimited was founded in 2005 as a team of 25 engineers and in 15 years has built its own IP while tripling its size. Privately-owned, StreamUnlimited partners with all major semiconductor companies and technology providers in the consumer electronics channel and works with high-end audio, CEDIA-channel and premium and mainstream consumer electronics manufacturers located in the USA, Japan and Europe.

TIDAL’s certification of StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK will provide a fast-track to companies integrating the service into consumer electronics products. Available in 46 countries with a library of over 40 million songs and 90,000 high quality videos, TIDAL’s music and entertainment platform allows users to experience and discover music from artists around the world with higher sound quality, expertly curated content and unique offline experiences for members included in the monthly subscription.
“We are excited to have TIDAL included in our StreamSDK platform,” says Frits Wittgrefe, chief executive officer for StreamUnlimited. “The TIDAL team is great to work with and its streaming service is a must-have for most of our customers. We’re designing TIDAL into many of our clients’ brands, many of which will be on display at CES in Las Vegas this January and Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam in February 2016.”
StreamSDK is a software solution that transports any streaming audio functionality to multiple consumer electronics devices. Additionally, the StreamSDK includes multi-room functionality with synchronization below two microseconds. StreamSDK is portable to various classes of silicon and includes ready-to-use hardware modules from StreamUnlimited, varying from the low-cost Stream780 to the high-end Stream820. At CES and ISE, StreamUnlimited will be demonstrating how StreamSDK integrates with TIDAL and other services, together with its connectivity and user-interface solutions.

WiSA Implementation
StreamUnlimited recently joined the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) and is now also able to help manufacturers of consumer and professional products implement interoperable products with wireless high-resolution audio capabilities according to WiSA’s specifications.

According to Frits Wittgrefe, “We see our multi-room audio streaming products and services offering as a real complement to the WiSA high resolution, in-room home theater audio technology. We have successfully implemented our first customer project using StreamUnlimited’s multi-room and WiSA's in-room technology. We are experiencing significant interest across the consumer entertainment products industry for this best of both worlds wireless audio environment."
www.streamunlimited.com | www.tidal.com | www.wisaassociation.org
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