Stigmount Redefines Portable Speakers with Universal Speaker Mount

December 7 2015, 03:00

While the wireless audio industry is heading in a more durable and waterproof direction, Connor Moelmann believed the next big step in speakers would be about improving portability and created Stigmount, currently campaigning on Kickstarter. The Chicago, Illinois-based company wants people to be able to carry their portable Bluetooth speakers everywhere, with a quick-mounting system that works on any surface from backpacks to surfboards.

Stigmount designed a universal speaker mounting system, launched through Kickstarter. The product, called Stigmount, includes a base plate that locks in under a second to the various mounts. The mounting system is compatible with over 50 portable speakers on the market.

Stigmount redefines portable music by allowing users to mount their speakers virtually anywhere: golf carts, kayaks, bikes, and more. Releasing a total of five mounts, Stigmount believes users can safely attach their portable speakers to any vehicle or surface. “We have tested on nearly every terrain and have never damaged or lost a speaker,” says Connor Moelmann, creator and founder of Stigmount, Inc.

Stigmount’s patent pending locking mechanism can be locked and unlocked in less than a second with one hand. It has been tested to withstand over 50 lbs. of force and is designed to distribute heavy external loads evenly throughout the base plate.

The patent pending design has two functional pieces: the Stigmount Base Plate and the mount, which is available in several profiles. The base plate connects to the user’s speaker without interfering with sound quality and the mount attaches to the desired surface. Stigmount plans to release five mounts:

Sticky Pad Mounts: The permanent and removable sticky pad mounts attach to any non-porous surface and can be used for extreme sports, as well as leisurely activities.

Tripod Mount: The tripod mount has a built in ½-20 flange nut and is compatible with any third party camera mount such as clamp or suction cup mounts.

Pivot-Handlebar Mount: The pivot-handlebar mount is compatible with GroPro products and third party mounting systems.

Strap Mount: The strap mount includes a 36-inch Velcro loop to wrap around trees and posts or can thread directly onto backpack straps for hiking, longboarding, skiing, and more.

“From wakeboarding to the workbench, our mounts help users take their speakers anywhere they go,” said Moelmann.

For $29 and up, Kickstarter backers will receive Stigmount’s Kickstarter Package, which includes the base plate and the various mounts. Stigmount estimates their product will be available for worldwide shipping in July of 2016. Estimated retail value of the full Stigmount package is $60.
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