Snow, White and Limited - a Special Limited Edition of the Palmer Monicon

March 30 2015, 03:00
The Palmer Monicon is a practical and convenient solution for volume control in a professional studio, or at home with two inputs for different audio sources. When connected between any PC, laptop, tablet or MP3 player and an active monitor or home speakers, it allows to precisely adjust the sound level using a large easy-grip knob.

The Palmer Monicon was now announced in a limited edition, with a powder-coated steel housing and wooden flanks all in white. It features two XLR combo connectors for the main input and, for the stereo signal input, the useful mini device uses a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack; XLR-connectors for the output and another mini jack connector for balanced or unbalanced signal routing.

The Palmer Monicon is a totally passive monitor controller and does not affect the sound. This is due in no small part to the wide frequency response of 10 Hz - 40 kHz, and the extremely low total harmonic distortion of 0.001%. For additional comfort, two buttons are available to mute the signal and to sum the outputs to a mono sum. The Monicon is available now for a very reasonable price of €75 ($70).

Palmer Grand Audition
For demo rooms with the need to provide switching from multiple sources to multiple outputs, Palmer sells the Grand Audition system. The Grand Audition allows comparing different active and passive speakers and subwoofers - up to 10 pairs of speakers and four subwoofers - and has the ability to mix active and passive speakers. The units can be cascaded to enable switching between up to 40 pairs of speakers and 16 subwoofers.

The remote control offers a switchable low pass filter for the subwoofers as well as dim and mute functions. All outputs are galvanically isolated and balanced and each output level can be adjusted by ± 12dB. In addition the unit provides connectors on the rear for optional display LEDs which can be placed on top of or next to the speakers to indicate which one is selected. All inputs and outputs are equipped with XLR connectors, the passive speaker outputs with Speakon connectors.

Palmer Germany is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group. |
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