New Palmer PDI 03 Joe Bonamassa Signature Speaker Simulator

March 24 2015, 04:00
Aged only 12, Joe Bonamassa hit the stage for the first time opening for B.B. King. Countless concerts later and with 16 albums under his belt, the former guitar wunderkind is hailed as “The New King of Blues” today. Playing up to 200 concerts all around the world each year, consistently compelling tone is most important to Joe Bonamassa. For many years, Joe has been using the Palmer Speaker Simulator PDI-03. Now the German manufacturer presented a Signature version tailor-made for the amazing guitar player.

The PDI-03 JB simply connects between amplifier and speaker to provide a balanced direct feed to mixing consoles. Housed in a compact roadworthy steel enclosure the professional guitar amp DI box features an exclusive “JB switch” that “adds extra thrust for a huge and powerful yet tightly focused tone,” states the announcement.

Two carefully voiced filter stages faithfully replicate the response of classic guitar loudspeakers and cabinets to match the unit’s signal to the guitar rig’s sound. Eliminating microphones, leakage from adjacent sound sources and low cut filtering to prevent rumble the PDI-03 JB delivers consistent, controlled guitar sound with a deep solid bottom end no matter what the sound reinforcement system or location.

With its selectable input sensitivity for amplifiers up to 200 watts or line and instrument level equipment the Joe Bonamassa Signature Speaker Simulator is also a versatile studio and home recording tool, complementing preamps and even overdrive or distortion pedals with authentic speaker flavors.

About Palmer Germany
Established as one of the first “boutique amp” manufacturers more than 35 years ago, Palmer Germany has developed into an internationally recognized brand in the music and audio industry. Palmer started with an extensive experience in equipment modifications, repairs and the individual production of special “little helpers”, which at that time, no manufacturer had on offer, which results in today’s successful product range meeting the highest demands.

Palmer develops its own transformers in house, with custom-made variants used for impedance conversion, balancing and the suppression of hum loops. All PCBs, also designed and tested in-house, are mounted and soldered mainly by hand. Palmer is a registered brand of the Adam Hall group.
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