Insights on Audio Source Separation - ADX TRAX Promotion

October 29 2014, 05:00
The October 2014 edition of audioXpress, features an article written by Rick Silva, Vice President of Production and Product Management for Audionamix, named "ADX TRAX-Insights on Audio Source Separation." Silva explains how the company approached audio source separation using its new software, ADX TRAX.

The article provides some insight on how Audionamix’ software delivers pristine voice isolations for everything from blockbuster movies and 3-D animated shorts to virtual duets by legendary artists, and exciting new remixes by top DJs and music producers.

Based on years of audio signal processing research, the company developed its patented ADX Technology, designed to help producers, DJs, mash-up artists, and creative audio engineers isolate vocal or melodic motifs to create new hooks, innovative remixes, or virtual duets. The software also enables users to raise or lower the vocal track or a solo instrument in a mix during the mastering process without requiring access to the multi-track master sessions. ADX TRAX enables users to “duck” vocals or melodic instruments within a mixed track to keep the audience focused on the dialogue, voiceover talent in a commercial, or to meet profanity requirements for radio mixes.

The article also details the forthcoming ADX TRAX 2.0 Spectral software, demonstrated at the recent 137th Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in Los Angeles, CA.

As Silva explains, "While the TRAX audio source separation process does most of the heavy lifting when trying to isolate vocals or melodic content, spectral editing tools are perfect for removing unwanted content in your TRAX separations. But remember, with traditional spectral editors, once the information is removed, it’s gone for good. So what if you want to put the remaining music from your vocal track, back into your music track to get a better instrumental backing track?”

And what if there is a bit of missing vocal still in the music track? How can you get that back?
"ADX TRAX 2.0 Spectral offers a unique approach to spectral editing software that is seamlessly integrated into the familiar interface and workflow of the original TRAX software. Now, you can separate the vocal from the music track, refine and re-process your results, create a comp track to get the “best of” separation, and use spectral editing tools.

ADX TRAX 2.0 Spectral includes the most important standard spectral editing tools, but the result is not standard at all." 

"With the release of ADX TRAX 2.0 Spectral, Audionamix is finally starting to share their advanced technology and creative workflow with the world."
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