Ideal Updates the Kinetic Reflex Wire T-Stripper

February 24 2015, 04:00
Ideal first introduced its iconic T-Stripper wire strippers back in 1957, selling more than 10,000 pairs the very first day they were available. Since then, T-Strippers have became an indispensable tool that apprentice electricians use on their first day on the job… and continue to use until they retire as Master Electricians.

Although Ideal Electrical, based in Sycamore, IL, is where the Ideal journey first began, it has grown into its own entity and its family of companies has become much more than just a manufacturer of electrical components. Known mostly for its iconic wire strippers and wire connectors, Ideal Electrical has been an industry leader for nearly 100 years. Since starting out in a small, family kitchen in 1916, Ideal Electric has become a global leader in electrical connection and manufacturing, continuing to innovate for the electrical industries of tomorrow.
The original T-Strippers were created by an engineering team at Ideal, in response to the trend to insulate electrical wire with thermoplastic. Unlike the fabric or rubber that previously was used as insulation, thermoplastic could not be removed with a traditional wire knife. The T-Stripper was designed specifically for the more challenging thermoplastic, hence the “T” in its name. Over the years IDEAL has continued to upgraded the T-stripper, adding ergonomic and versatility features to improve performance and comfort, while retaining its original quality. 

In addition to the standard T-Strippers model Ideal offers today, there are nine versions with unique features for job specific applications. At the forefront of these designs is the Kinetic Reflex T-Stripper incorporating an ergonomically curved handle and a stress-reducing Santoprene grip, along with the company’s patented Thumb-Valley thumb guide and Pocket-Locket slide lock. The multi-purpose Kinetic Reflex replaces several tools from the tool bag by featuring a convenient pliers nose for extra gripping strength; precision-ground, knife type blades for clean, accurate wire cutting; heavy-duty Shear-Cut bolt cutters that easily shear both bolts and screws plus reforms the threads; a wire loop; and combination solid and stranded wire stripping holes for every popular wire gauge.

Running Cables In Hard To Access Spaces
Ideal also offers its Tuff-Rod push/pull poles solution, designed to simplify the task of running cables above ceilings, down walls, under raised floors, or through hard to access voids and cavities. Tuff-Rod poles are for use with a variety of cable and wire types, including speaker and telephone wire, twisted pair data cables, fiber, thermostat, coax and general electrical cables, allowing to dramatically reduce time on the job.
Made of non-conductive fiberglass rods to protect the installer from electrical shock, Ideal Tuff-Rods can be threaded together to achieve a maximum length of thirty feet, allowing the installer to create custom rods for longer cable runs. Three attachment-ends extend the rod’s versatility. The J Hook attachment aids in re-positioning wires and re-directing cables, while the Bullet tip is perfect for pushing the rods through wall cavities, under floorboards and similar tight spaces. The Wisp head is specifically designed for working over the top of suspended ceilings where the large head enables the rod to be pushed over the grid work ridges without getting stuck.

In addition to standard white and blue, a pale green “glow in the dark” version is available for contractors working in attics, basements and other dim lit areas. Tuff-Rod repair kits can also be purchased, complete with replacement hardware and quick-drying epoxy for fast, convenient, in-the-field repairs.

Ideal Electrical’s trusted, innovative products are proudly manufactured in America. Best known for its wire connectors, a go-to standard for electrical connections around the world, Ideal Electrical innovations also touch the sky, as nearly every commercial jet flying today was made using Ideal industries wire strippers. Ideal Electrical is proud to produce these innovative products for skilled tradesmen around the world, keeping them ahead of the challenges and changes of their respective industries.
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