High-Tech Nano-Coating Specialist SOTA Focuses on Audio and Consumer Electronics

June 29 2015, 04:00
Outdoor speakers, autosound, Bluetooth speakers… these days everything must meet IPXX environmental robustness standards. SOTA is a high-tech coating company that has treatments for paper cones and foam surrounds, to corrosion resistance for steel speaker frames, treatments for outdoor speakers, etc.

Speaker designers have been struggling with the elements for many diverse applications. Products that defy corrosion, fungus, ozone, bugs, and UV have become commonplace. Water intrusion, sweat-proof, and even tolerance to detergents to clean the product as well as meeting IPXX standards have become must have product features.

Autosound, both OEM and aftermarket place have always placed rigorous demands on both the speakers and electronics. The outdoor speaker market has many premium products today, and customers will not be tossing them out after a year or two like the rotting rock speakers they bought at Home Depot. Mobile electronics, from Bluetooth speakers to sport/fitness earphones are other environmental robustness challenges.

To enable manufacturers to build products that defy the elements, SOTA has launched their hyper dense HYBRID nanotech coatings. Not simply mixed blends of inorganic and organic components, their process reorganizes the organic polymer chains and chemically bonds them within the inorganic lattice structure. Retains are the best properties of each, while eliminating the less desirable properties of the components when taken individually. Unlike other nano-treatments, expensive ion vacuum treatment equipment is not needed, rather convention conveyor heating is fully effective.

SOTA’s initial offerings for the consumer electronics industry range from first line of defense for grill cloths, treatments for water and moisture, proofing circuit boards, to speaker paper cones and foam surrounds, moisture resistance for spider/dampers, or corrosion fighting treatments for Marine speakers and outdoor speakers on ocean front property.

The company’s website contains links to several interesting demonstration videos.
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