Hafler HA75 Tube Head Headphone Amplifier

November 26 2014, 06:00
You might have heard that the Hafler brand was purchased by Canadian based Radial Engineering Ltd., in earlier 2014. Meanwhile, Radial Engineering announced it is re-launching the Hafler brand of high-fidelity audio products and most of the new products announced so far have been previewed at the 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles.

Among the new Hafler-branded products, Radial was showing the new HA75 ‘Tube Head’ - a 12AX7 driven tube headphone amplifier designed for demanding audiophile listeners. audioXpress had the chance to play with the new HA75 and we certainly were impressed with the results.

Proudly made in North America, the Hafler HA75 is a ‘vintage inspired’ headphone amplifier that has been meticulously designed to produce Hafler’s legendary sound quality with sufficient gain to power any type of headphone.

The design begins with a 14 gauge steel casing to shield the low level signals from external magnetic fields and RF contamination and a black anodized aluminum front panel to add esthetic appeal. Gold-plated input and thru-put RCA connector pairs are employed that will not tarnish over time, thus optimizing signal flow. Inside, a class-A head-amp combines with a 12AX7 tube stage to power the headphones. This employs a unique non-radiating charge pump that applies 130 volts to the tube to maximize headroom and delivers the character and warmth that so many listeners prefer over solid state counterparts. The output is further optimized to handle all types of headphone impedances from 8 ohms to 400 ohms.
To simulate the response of listening to loudspeakers in a room, a unique 'focus' control may be engaged that brings the stereo image to the center via a fully variable potentiometer. This active control employs an active mix function that brings the stereo focus together producing exciting results without losing the full stereo image. Connecting the line output from a receiver, laptop or tablet, the HA75 delivers the warmth and character that has made the Hafler pedigree one of the most revered in the history of high fidelity listening.

The Hafler HA75 will soon be available, with has an estimated retail price of $1,000 USD.
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