GoerTek Acquires the Majority Shares of Dynaudio

October 23 2014, 07:00
GoerTek, Inc., a leading high-tech consumer electronics company from China has acquired the majority shares of Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio. Wilfried Ehrenholz, Dynaudio’s founder, will remain a minority shareholder and continue to participate in Dynaudio´s product and marketing strategy. With GoerTek, Dynaudio gains engineering experience in electronic and wireless technology, considered critical for the company’s latest product developments.

GoerTek, a large manufacturer of acoustic products for phones and tablets, etc., is based in Weifang, China, and employs around 37,000 people. With this acquisition GoerTek moves into the high-end hi-fi and professional audio market with the Dynaudio and Dynaudio Professional brands. By combining GoerTek expertise in electroacoustic components, consumer electronic accessories, and smart wearable devices with Dynaudio’s expertise in loudspeaker technology and its highly specialized production facilities in Denmark, Dynaudio’s ambition is set to be a globally leading loudspeaker company in all disciplines. GoerTek will add its engineering experience in electronic and wireless technology—a core task for the latest product developments—that will enable Dynaudio to accelerate its product development.

According to the announcement made by both companies, “this step will bring Dynaudio into a complete new sphere of opportunities and competences. GoerTek will ensure the resources to increase the R&D and marketing team in Denmark to develop Dynaudio to the next level keeping the same company philosophy and “Made in Denmark.” The whole management team is very excited about the opportunities the transaction offers for the company. Dynaudio is sure that all stakeholders, especially their customers, will benefit from the new setup and looks forward to a great future.”
Wilfried Ehrenholz, the founder of Dynaudio, will remain a minority shareholder and continue to participate in Dynaudio´s product and marketing strategy. Dynaudio is a significant player in the international speaker market and over the past 35 years Dynaudio has built a position as a leading high-end brand. Over the years, Dynaudio has been capable of applying its strong competencies within sound to the car industry and leading sound studios all over the world. 

As Wilfried Ehrenholz comments, ”GoerTek is the ideal partner to guide Dynaudio into a prospering future. Its founder, Bryan Jiang, is an  ambitious entrepreneur like myself and has an excellent understanding of Dynaudio´s potential and our position as a premium brand. By combining Dynaudio´s and GoerTek’s know-how, we will be able to develop some very exciting products for our customers in the future. Within the recent years, Dynaudio has launched some very ambitious products – this spring we launched the second generation of the world’s first true wireless high-end loudspeaker, Xeo, and just now, Dynaudio is launching Focus XD, the most powerful and precise speaker ever made, which is based completely on a digital platform. I’m convinced that Dynaudio is heading for a very exciting future.”
CEO Lars Prisak is very pleased with the new opportunities and believes that Dynaudio´s competence center in Skanderborg will be further strengthened. ”This is a unique opportunity for Dynaudio. We have developed and produced the world’s best speakers for many years and based on our strong DNA and culture I look forward to developing and launching Dynaudio version 2.0 – we are already well on our way in the launching of new technological platforms, and with our new owners we will get brand new opportunities and the ambition is clear: Dynaudio will develop and deliver the world’s best sound systems for sound studios, homes, and cars.”
Bryan Jiang, the Chairman and founder of GoerTek states: “I have a lot of respect for the competencies within Dynaudio and it is important to us to maintain and continue to develop those competencies. With GoerTek’s strengths in electronic hardware and software design in the smart audio area to be combined with Dynaudio’s leading speaker technology and premium brand in HiFi audio market, we are able to bring customers lots of exciting innovations in the near future. I look forward to accelerating the growth along with the team at Dynaudio.”

GoerTek was established in June 2001, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2008. It currently holds the largest market value among acoustic companies in Chinese stock exchange. As a Chinese industry hi-tech company, GoerTek’s main focus consists of R&D, production and sales of electroacoustic components, electric accessories, LED sealing, and related products. GoerTek provides products and services to industry leading companies, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Plantronics, Cisco, and so on.

Since its establishment in 2001, GoerTek has maintained its company performance with a consistent and rapid growth. By the end of 2013, both of the total assets and sales revenue had exceeded over 10 billion RMB (Yuan). GoerTek’s market share ranks top in domestic and international market in the miniature microphone field, and ranks second in domestic and third international market in miniature speakers/receivers. Its Bluetooth headset ODM business and 3D glasses business volume rank first in the world. GoerTek was named 11th in China (including Hong Kong ) top 100 enterprises (26th in 2013), and 6th in China’s top 100 electronics enterprises.

GoerTek has established a long-term strategic partnership with many well-known research institutions and universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Shandong University and other research institutions. GoerTek is dedicated to basic research in the field of electro-acoustic technology and cutting-edge technologies.
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