Eminence to Exhibit at The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show

June 2 2015, 03:00
The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show takes place at the Nansha Grand Hotel, October 9-11, 2015 in Guangzhou, China. The bulk of exhibitors are loudspeaker component factories and about 10 different loudspeaker assembly houses. The show is also peppered with supporting industries; Legal, shipping, tooling and amplification specialists. 

Rob Gault, owner and general manager of Eminence USA and Eminence China, is a known figurehead in the pro audio manufacturing world and recently confirmed the company will be exhibiting at the show. While visiting with Rob in China, he went on to explain OEM opportunities with Eminence China and explain why he felt the show was important.

“Eminence, a leader in pro audio loudspeaker manufacturing in the USA and in China, expresses excitement about the potential opportunities for this show and the various companies exhibiting. Having legal services, shipping companies and other service organizations present, along with qualified component suppliers, should make this show a success for everyone.
Philip Richardson, owner of Trueanalog Strictly OEM ODM and promoter of the The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show, with Eminence’s Rob Gault

Q: What advantages do you see attending The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show?
Rob Gault: I was intrigued when Philip sent us information about the show. There is not a show like this that I am aware of that is strictly about loudspeaker sourcing, speaker component sourcing and finished product sourcing in China.
We know quite a few of the players over there now, but Eminence has been working with Chinese companies for nine years. It hasn’t been easy to find the right companies to work with, so I think there is a need for a show like this.
After talking to Philip, it looks like he’s getting a decent group of exhibitors together which is good. One thing he’s doing that I like is he’s including shipping forwarders and a legal expert to help companies conduct business with the Chinese suppliers. 
Even though we’ve come to know many Chinese companies, there still may be some companies that come to the show that we are not familiar with.
We’re going to exhibit but I am also interested in meeting some of the other suppliers who are there to exhibit.

Q: Do you expect to find some new companies to work with?
RG: Yes. The show is very affordable for us compared to some of the other shows we participate in. Plus the suite provides us with a good environment for conducting business.

Q: Having created Eminence China, this show still fits with your business strategies?
RG: Because we are over there so much, we can plan a regular trip and just show up a few days early for the show. It’s good for Eminence in many ways.
It’s easy for us to be there and I would think it would be very easy for other exhibitors that are based in China to be there. The show should draw a lot of people looking for loudspeakers, loudspeaker systems or components for loudspeakers.

Q: When did you establish Eminence China?
RG: Nine years ago. We had an office in Shanghai eleven years ago before we decided to open a factory in Dongguan. It’s been a challenging nine years but things are taking off for us now.

Q: What are some of the hot new products rolling out now from Eminence?
RG: We are excited about our new compression drivers, the N314T (1.4” exit) and N320T (2”). We’ve already heard from several OEM customers that these are some of the best sounding HF drivers on the market.
Also, the two 5” models (Pro 5W and Pro 5MRN) are the first such products for Eminence in this size range. They are very high performing for their size and we expect them to do very well. 
Lastly, the Definimax ultra-low frequency models completes one of the most versatile family of loudspeakers in the industry. Recent modifications to some of the existing models have increased their power handling to 1,200 watts. The Definimax series packs as much value as it does performance.
Eminence China, much like Eminence USA, is an OEM factory. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know Eminence China for OEM private label loudspeakers and Eminence China OEM/turnkey systems. Please come to our booth so we can discuss the possibilities for your company using our highly skilled engineering teams and manufacturing processes.

The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show is for ALL markets that deal with loudspeakers including consumer, contractor A/V, mobile, audiophile, musical instrument and professional.
The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show will be held October 9 - 11, 2015 at the Nansha Grand Hotel in Guangzhou, China. The show will end one day before the international HKES 2015 Fall trade show in Hong Kong. Nansha is an 85 minute ferry ride from Hong Kong.

To learn more about the show and register please visit the website:
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