Drawmer 1978 Stereo FET Compressor Is Now Shipping

October 6 2015, 03:00

Drawmer’s new 1978 Stereo Tone Shaping FET Compressor features four character settings that interact with the compressor settings (threshold, ratio, attack, release) and can be engaged alone or in combinations to produce a huge number of possible compression flavors, while an independent saturation knob dials in variable amounts of luscious harmonic distortion. Unique side-chain filtering options, which can operate on an external signal or on the input signal itself and which allow variable amounts of low- or high- end filtering, multiply the palette of options even further. Comprehensive, meaningful metering, wet/dry control, and output gain round out the Drawmer 1978’s unparalleled feature set.

In a deceptively simple 1U frame and at a price that's right for even the smallest studio ($999.00 MAP), in addition to the usual Ratio, Threshold, Attack and Release controls, the 1978 features four character switches offering a wide range of compression flavors, as well as a variable saturation control to add harmonic distortion to the signal. Side chain functionality is also included with side chain insert points on both channels and a very comprehensive and flexible Side Chain EQ section which offers LF and HF controls with a choice of specific shapes and frequencies for precise frequency-conscious compression such as de-essing. A wet/mix control also allows you to blend the processed signal with the dry for parallel compression.
The Drawmer 1978 is a truly flexible compressor made in the UK with high-quality components. Two fast reacting Dual colour backlit Analogue VU Meters with switchable +10dB meter rescale mode is employed to provide a visual indication of the amount of saturation added. Time delay relays are incorporated into the outputs to provide clean power-up and down with no pops or bangs, and it features a low hum toroidal linear power supply with voltage selector switch.
“With the 1978, Drawmer has given engineers a tool that can impart a huge range of genuine analog signatures on their tracks,” says Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “Of course, Drawmer is well known for designing musical compressors, and the 1978 excels in that regard. But the addition of the character settings and the saturation knob put the 1978 in a class of its own. With the affordable, single-rack space Drawmer 1978 Stereo Tone Shaping FET Compressor, engineers get the versatility and sonic possibilities that otherwise would require multiple racks of high-end, analog gear.”
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