Cerwin-Vega! Showing Its XLS, SL and XD Series at the CES 2015 and NAMM Show

December 23 2014, 04:00
Cerwin-Vega, a Gibson Brand, is set to showcase its SL Series Home Audio System, XLS Home Theater Audio System and its XD Desktop Speaker Series at the CES 2015 and 2015 NAMM Show.

With a choice of six speakers and one subwoofer, Cerwin-Vega’s SL Series can be customized to fit any application from personal listening environment, to larger scale home cinema systems. 

Similarly, Cerwin-Vega’s XLS Series is packed with the brand’s legendary drivers and consists of six full range speakers, two, subs and one center channel product. With its striking design, red surrounds built onto every driver and horn loaded midrange and tweeter design, the XLS speakers notify the hard emphasis on bass and power handling.

Alternatively, Cerwin-Vega’s XD Series is made to maximize media entertainment, combining the power and punch of a home theater system in a portable, compact unit, featuring multiple input connections to ensure easy setup and Vega-Bass enhanced EQ. Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, XD Desktop Speakers feature wooden cabinets to ensure tight bass, which is essential for accurate media creation. XD Series full-range speakers can be combined with the XD8S Subwoofer and desktop remote control.

The new four-inch XD4 and five-inch XD5 full range systems and eight-inch XD8 powered subwoofer join the company’s existing XD3 Powered Desktop Speaker. In keeping with the tradition of Cerwin-Vega! products, key design elements of the series include optimized frequency response, overall clarity, low distortion and the company’s trademark bass performance.

Each XD Series member is matched with low distortion, high output amplifiers and soft-dome tweeters for the best possible sound. Equipped with metal covers, the XD3 and XD4 feature 3/4-inch tweeters while the XD5 utilizes a one-inch tweeter. The XD8 sub offers deep bass extension, allowing each system to go to a new level of performance. Unlike other desktop speaker systems, the Cerwin-Vega! XD Series is built with solid MDF wood enclosures, allowing it to deliver the same quality of sound as home speaker systems.  

The Cerwin-Vega! XD Series speakers are equipped with several front and rear inputs, including an 1/8-inch TRS, RCA pair and 1/4-inch TRS pair inputs, as well as a front panel 1/8-inch TRS headphone jack. Additionally, the speakers feature an optimally designed bass port for proper low frequency phase alignment and minimal turbulence. Also included is Cerwin-Vega!’s signature Vega-Bass Boost Switch, which enables an enhanced bass EQ.  

The efficient XD8 Subwoofer offers an extended bass response, high SPL and an optimally designed port for proper low frequency phase alignment and minimal turbulence. In addition to the standard audio input and outputs, a volume knob, crossover switch and polarity switch can be found at the rear of the sub for aligning its audio to the desktop monitors. A System Remote connection port is also on the sub for use with the included XD8 Remote Control, which allows for easy volume control of the entire system. Featuring a Volume knob and Mute/Bypass switch,   it is also outfitted with an audio input jack.
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