Beyma Introduces Catalogue App and Chinese Website

May 29 2015, 04:00
Acoustica Beyma has recently announced its new App, Beyma Speakers, allowing full access to its extended professional speaker catalogue, directly on mobile phones and tablets, both Apple and Android. At the same time, the Spanish manufacturer continues to expand its website information, now with support for Chinese language.

Introduced in early 2014, Acoustica Beyma’s website surprised very positively with its combination of glorious photography in full (browser) screen and complete resources for anyone looking for information on the company and products. The new website also allowed easy navigation, while the product section allowed for fast and easy searches.

Considering Beyma’s extensive catalogue of products, from low and mid frequency drivers to compression drivers, tweeters, coaxial speakers, horns and electronics, it was extremely important to make the most relevant information for each product accessible at first sight, allowing immediate download of technical data sheets. The website also allowed getting extended information about the technologies used, interactive frequency response graphics, recone kits and even finding substitute products for any discontinued items.

The new website also allowed reorganizing the available data according to specific interests, with easy selection of products for sharing by email, and other product selection features. Leveraging those features, the next step for the Valencia-based company was to expand those resource directly to mobile platforms, creating a dedicated app for both iOS and Android devices.
The loudspeaker manufacturer created the Beyma Professional Speakers application as a way for users to access its extensive catalogue anywhere and anytime, using mobile devices. The new app not only allows access to Beyma’s product catalog but also makes selecting, saving and sharing specific products extremely convenient.

The user is able to download directly the latest version of the complete product catalog, search or directly select any type of speaker in the existing product categories. The app also includes complete descriptions and graphics for each of the products, as well as allowing to find contacts for the nearest dealer.

Meanwhile, visitors to Beyma’s website will now find the option for Chinese language, side by side with English and Spanish options. The new Chinese website includes all the same sections and content than the other language versions and will certainly contribute to expand the company’s reach and better serve the growing Asian market.
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