Bang & Olufsen Celebrates 90 Years with BeoLab 90

October 8 2015, 04:00

Designed by the Frackenpohl Poulheim agency and engineered by Bang & Olufsen, the new BeoLab 90 is the most innovate loudspeaker ever introduced by the Danish company. The surprising and powerful digital loudspeaker celebrates Bang & Olufsen’s first 90 years with impressive new concepts. As they say “It will not be for everybody, but it will be for the right somebody.”

“It will blow the roof off your house and knock the socks off your guests.” That’s another way to describe what could be the amazing experience of actually having the BeoLab 90 state-of-the-art loudspeakers in our living room. In fact, Bang & Olufsen designed this “intelligent landmark loudspeaker” to deliver the ultimate sound experience to any living room. In the brand’s best tradition, it actually rethinks everything a standing loudspeaker stands for.

“BeoLab 90 is a celebration of Bang & Olufsen’s innovative heritage and timeless design philosophy in the year of the company’s 90th anniversary. The highly sophisticated loudspeaker contains a multitude of technologies. It is a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics in, what may well be, the most complete and powerful digital loudspeaker ever designed for use in the home.”

Removing the beautifully-designed custom-shaped grills, BeoLab 90 actually features 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers placed in carefully defined locations and directions to deliver maximum performance in frequency, time and space. The loudspeaker packs a combination of 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers developed by Bang & Olufsen, and four additional class D amplifiers, all customized for BeoLab 90s specific requirements. In total, the amplifiers can deliver up to 8200 watts per loudspeaker.

The drivers include 7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 30 mm tweeters, 7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 86 mm woofers for midrange, 3 x Scan-Speak Discovery 212 mm woofers and a Scan-Speak Revelator 260 mm front woofer, which receive their signal from 14 dedicated ICEpower AM300-X amps, and four Heliox AM1000-1 for the three woofers and front woofer. All signals processed digitally by two Analog Devices ADSP-21489 units (50 MHz) using 192 kHz fixed sampling rate.

The input section includes an analogue master (system) input, and a digital master speaker input, Power Link, RCA, XLR (fully balanced), USB Audio (24 bit / 192 kHz), S/P-DIF (24 bit / 192 kHz), TOSLINK (24 bit / 96 kHz), wireless (Master and Slave speaker), Digital (Master and Slave speaker), Wireless Power Link (24 bit / 48 kHz), WiSA (24 bit / 96 kHz) and Digital Power Link (24 bit / 192 kHz). Everything’s included.

The BeoLab 90 is also fitted with Bang & Olufsen’s new Active Room Compensation technology, which makes up for the impact of any room and existing furniture, placement of the loudspeakers and the location of the listening position. This allows also to configure the speakers for different audio source scenarios, like watching a movie, listening to a stereo recording from an optimum sweet-spot position or throwing a party were guests move around the room. All “at the touch of a button” in the best Bang & Olufsen tradition.

With loudspeaker drivers placed in various directions, the Beam Direction Control steers the sound radiation to any listening location. “BeoLab 90 is the future of sound. This intelligent loudspeaker measures the acoustical effects of its surroundings and directs superb sound to your favorite listening position. You do not have to be close to the speaker or even in front of it to get an excellent sound experience,” says CEO Tue Mantoni.

But probably the most striking aspect of BeoLab 90 is its unique and impressive design with no apparent visual front, which substantiates the all-embracing acoustic performance of the loudspeaker. The 360º-design is based on a complex aluminum cabinet (more than 65 kg of aluminum), black fabric covers that hover like sails in front of the speakers, and the curved wooden base to lift up the large structure from the floor.

“BeoLab 90 is our most complete loudspeaker to date. It is a committed investment in excellent craftsmanship, ideal materials and superior technology. Future Bang & Olufsen products will benefit from the innovation and know-how gained from the development of BeoLab 90 – and our customers will savor in perfect sound from the ultimate loudspeaker for their home,” says Bang & Olufsen CEO, Tue Mantoni.

BeoLab 90 can be experienced in selected Bang & Olufsen stores as of November 17th, 2015 – the 90th anniversary of Bang & Olufsen. The recommended price of BeoLab 90 is $38.995 or 34.995 Euros - per unit! (you may want to hold back on the “stereo experience”…). First deliveries are expected end of year.
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