Aumeo Audio Introduces Audio Personalization Solution at CES 2016

January 15 2016, 03:00

Aumeo Audio announced the debut of the world’s first tailored audio device, Aumeo, at CES2016. This groundbreaking audio product takes audio personalization to a whole new level by customizing sound to a user’s hearing sensitivity. With Aumeo, users can enjoy audio experiences like never before for music, film and even voice calls.

audioXpress had the chance of trying the Aumeo solution during CES 2016 and exchange a few words with Aumeo’s executive director, Paul Lee. The solution is based on a nicely designed small portable aluminum device with a matte finish in gold, silver and black. This device is able to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth on a 10 meter range and runs on a rechargeable battery lasting up to 8 hours. The user runs the Aumeo app on its smartphone and completes the personalization profile, which consists on a thorough frequency-by-frequency listening routine for each ear, using headphones. When finished, the app transfers the user profile wirelessly to the Aumeo device. From that moment onwards, listening to music using Aumeo provides a dramatic improvement to music reproduction, as we could verify when we activated our quickly defined profile while the music was playing (in fact, we couldn’t help a huge smile on our face). Paul Lee also allowed us to try different users’ profiles for comparison and confirmed the company’s intention to eventually pursue a licensing business model for the Aumeo technology.

Already as it is, Aumeo Audio works with any audio products and services. The companion app for iOS and Android allows creating unique audio profiles using test tones. Since the audio profiles are stored on the device, users can connect it to their favorite headphones and media player, such as smartphones, computers, TVs and hifi systems. Aumeo Audio is effectively transforming the way we hear the world by making each person’s individual hearing count and that’s something that was lacking. This pioneering work in tailored audio and its award-winning, patented technologies certainly deserve recognition.

“We are filling a gap in the audio market. Audio consumers have been raising their standards in the past few years, but we still live in a one-size-fits-all world of where audio products don’t take your unique hearing into account,” CEO of Aumeo Audio Paul Lee explains. “It’s a medical fact: we all hear differently and are sensitive to different sounds. If your audio profile is not taken into account, you might not hear certain details in your music clearly and would subconsciously turn up the volume to compensate, resulting in a subpar audio experience that damages your ears.”

Aumeo was designed with an individual’s ears in mind, providing next-level audio personalization, while also preventing hearing damage. Based on technology that has been tested in clinical trials by professional audiologists, the solution provides a tailored audio experience that enables crisper, truer sound while reducing listening strain and ear-damaging volumes, allowing users to enjoy music longer with less fatigue. Aumeo’s innovation in audio tailoring has also won multiple awards, including two Wall Street Journal Asian Innovations Awards and a Talent Unleashed Award.

The Aumeo solution was designed by Aumeo co-founder & chairman, Professor Andrew van Hasselt with a career in hearing restoration, surgical developments in mastoid surgery reconstruction, and cochlear implant programs. Working from Hong-Kong in collaboration with international experts in the field, he runs courses in advanced otology, endoscopic sinus surgery, cochlear implants and medical lasers.

Aumeo’s co-inventor, co-founder and executive director, Paul Lee is an electrical engineer, with technical expertise and management consulting experience, having founded several successful Silicon Valley startups since the 1990’s. Aumeo is the latest result of Paul’s vision in solving problems with unprecedented simplicity.

Aumeo Audio is part of ACE Communications, which has been working on audio profile-based technologies since 2010. Its first product was successfully funded in July 2015 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to the tune of over US$250,000—641 percent of its original goal of US$40,000, and got close to 2,500 enthusiastic backers. Aumeo and its companion app for personalized audio profiles are now available for US$199.
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